Payroll Update EOY special edition 9 September 2021

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In this payroll update:

  • End of Year opens on Wednesday 20 October
  • End of Year dates for 2021
  • Step-by-step process for End of Year
  • Reminder – Novopay Online service switching off soon

End of Year opens on Wednesday 20 October

End of Year is an annual payroll process that ensures all employees are paid correctly over the term 4 holidays.

It can seem complicated, but really there are just four questions:

  1. What are your school’s start and end dates?
  2. Which employees' jobs are ending (terminating) in term 4 in 2021?
  3. Which continuing employees will have a last day for 2021 that is different to your school's term 4 end date?
  4. Have you booked annual leave for your 52-week workers?

Schools must have submitted this information by 5pm on 22 November 2021, but you can start any time from Wednesday 20 October.

End of Year dates for 2021

20 October – End of Year screens open in EdPay
22 November – End of Year processing must be completed by 5pm
15 December – period 19 pay day – holiday pay is paid

Click here for a printable EoY/SoY key dates flyer for 2021 (PDF, 581KB).

Step-by-step process for End of Year 

All End of Year information is now available at

Here's the simple how-to End of Year step-by-step process (Novopay website)

You can also download a printable End of Year guide 2021 (PDF, 194 MB)

Check your EdPay access

The End of Year processes are done in special screens in EdPay. As all EdPay passwords expire every 60 days, yours may need resetting. Your payroll advisor can help with this.

Tell us who to contact in case of payroll emergency

Sometimes we need to contact your school and we cannot get a response via the existing contact details (especially when schools are closed due to lockdowns or the term 4 break).We need the name, phone number and email address of your school's designated authorised user. If you've already told us as part of the recent End of Year / Start of Year survey, you don't need to do anything. Otherwise let us know the right contact by email to with 'Emergency contact' in the subject line.

End of Year training

A video will be available to guide you through the End of Year process in EdPay. We will add a link to the training page of the Novopay website in the next week:

Term 4 end date 2021 must be checked in End of Year

You cannot change your school's term 4 2021 end date after End of Year screens close at 5pm on 22 November 2021. Please make sure that your term 4 2021 end date is correct before the End of Year screens closes.  

No End of Year complete button

In EdPay, there is not a ‘EoY complete’ button like there was on Novopay Online, as all information updates in real time. We will complete End of Year for all schools on 22 November at 5pm, so please ensure that any changes you need to make (school term dates, last day of duty, or terminations) have been made before this, as they won’t be able to be changed in the End of Year screens after this point.


Reminder – Novopay Online service switching off soon

Most schools are already doing everything they can in EdPay and had been asking us to set the date to move everything to EdPay. Because End of Year will be done in EdPay and the two highest volume transactions are already in EdPay, it made sense to make the move entirely to EdPay at the same time we opened End of Year.

Here’s a reminder of the key dates we've announced previously:

  • 6 October – switch off of Novopay Online timesheets and leave – from this date they’ll only be in EdPay, but other Novopay Online features will be available for two more weeks
  • 20 October – complete switch off Novopay Online features – only EdPay will be able to be used from this date (the same day that End of Year opens).

We're here to help

There are help resources on the training page of the Novopay website:

We know End of Year can be confusing, but we're here to help. If you're struggling, contact your payroll advisor early. We will help you get things sorted.

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