Payroll Update - 29 August 2019

News for School Payroll Staff

Tena koutou

Welcome to a special EdPay edition of Payroll Update.

Around 200 schools are currently trialling the new schools' payroll service, EdPay. You may also have had a chance to see it in action at one of the many conferences or school visits where our teams have demonstrated EdPay throughout New Zealand.

We're planning to offer EdPay to most schools in term four. It's being built in stages, and so far it can show you employee details in one place, edit some personal, financial and contact details for employees, and process new hires and contract terminations. More features will be added as they are built and tested this year. If your school's keen to try EdPay, let your payroll adviser know.

(The school and employee details in the screenshots below aren't real.)

EdPay welcome screen

When you first log in to EdPay, the welcome screen has a brief overview and a short section to let you know about any changes that are coming up, such as new features being added or current features being updated.

It also has a Top Tip section that can help you get the most out of EdPay. We gather these tips from your dedicated payroll advisers and other users of EdPay who want to share how to make schools' payroll even easier.

In-context help

We know you're busy people and the schools we spoke to have told us they wanted learning EdPay to be built in - no lengthy training manuals or webinars.

Notice the kereru in the corner? We call him Eddy and he's here to help. When you click on him he offers short tours of how to use EdPay and all the current features.

There are also hover hints throughout EdPay. Bring your mouse over any symbol to learn more.

View your employees

One of the main benefits to EdPay is being able to see more information about the employees at your school, without having to run reports or contact your payroll adviser.

The My Employees tab shows who is currently on your school's payroll with useful information at a glance including MOE number, tenure, and their fixed-term end date (if relevant).

For more detailed payroll information, simply click on an employee.

The salary / pay rate is hidden under the symbol. Hover over it to reveal the amount - helpful for ensuring privacy when you share an office. This figure is the base rate as per the employment agreement. A list of allowances the employee receives can also be found on this page.

Replacing NOVO forms

The ultimate goal of EdPay is to reduce the amount of forms that need to be filled out, checked, sent in, rechecked, and actioned.

With EdPay, most changes are instantaneous, or ready for the next available pay period.

If you need to change an employee's tax code, instead of filling in 10 mandatory fields on a NOVO4 form, it's done with a few clicks in EdPay.

If you need to update an employee's email address so they receive their payslip, you simply edit the Email Details field. No need to send a 2-page NOVO3 form into the queue. The change takes place instantly.

We've simplified the New Hire process for adding an employee to your payroll, and to terminate an employee's contract you just need to select the date and the reason.

What's next?

Behind the scenes we are constantly working on new features, which we'll be adding to EdPay as soon as they're built and thoroughly tested.

Over the rest of the year, most schools will be offered access to EdPay. You'll still keep dual access to Novopay and the NOVO forms for now. Once you've started using the service, we'd welcome your advice on how to make it better. EdPay is constantly evolving on the advice of our user schools. Email