Payroll Update- 28 June 2019

News for School Payroll Staff

Tena koutou,

Thank you for your feedback from last fortnight's inaugural Payroll Update. We want this newsletter to be useful for you and your school.

We received some questions about EdPay and what happens next, so we've answered those below. Keep your questions coming to, we'll answer them in every edition.

This week we invited more schools to join our early adopter trial group. We've learned a lot from the first 26 schools and have invited Principals at over 150 more to get started early with EdPay. We've invited a good representation of school sizes, sector groups, and locations so we can make sure EdPay works for everyone.

Don't worry if your school wasn't contacted as there will be more opportunities soon.

In this edition of Payroll Update:

  • Answers to your EdPay questions
  • How to check Authorised Users at your school
  • Booking leave for 52-week workers during school holidays

Nga mihi

Corey O'Neill, Acting Manager - School Account Teams

Answers to your EdPay questions

Why are we changing from Novopay?

Novopay depends on many manual processes with lengthy forms for payroll instructions. Schools have told us they want to be able to do everything online. Forms are time-consuming and increase the risk of making a mistake or missing a compulsory field. EdPay will be fully online.

Is there a set date for switching to EdPay?

No. We haven't set a date because we're trialling the service with our early adopter schools and learning from their feedback as we go. We are taking a careful and considered approach, rolling out EdPay in stages, with features added iteratively.

For a period you will be using both Novopay and EdPay at the same time. We won't be removing any NOVO forms until their function has been replaced well in EdPay.

When will my school get EdPay?

All schools will be able to use EdPay by early next year. We'll keep inviting schools over terms 3 and 4.

Will the payroll data change?

No. The data managed by the payroll will be the same - but in EdPay it will be easier to navigate and understand.

Will I keep my Payroll Adviser?

Your dedicated Payroll Adviser remains available to help with all enquiries - including ones relating to EdPay.

How to check Authorised Users at your school

It's important to maintain a good record of who has access to your school's payroll. When someone no longer requires access, an active Authorised User or Principal needs to send through a NOVO5c (PDF).

If you want to check who currently has access, you can run a report in Novopay Online.

1. Go to the My Reporting tab

2. Select Online Access/Audit (pictured below)

3. Select CSV or PDF

If there's someone on that list who should no longer have access, send a NOVO5c to and we will remove them.

Please ensure all NOVO5 and NOVO5c forms are signed by the Principal or designated Board Member.

Leave for 52 week workers during school holidays

If you have a 52 week non-teaching employee who will be absent during the school holidays, you must book the leave via Novopay Online or complete and submit a NOVO12 (PDF).

If the leave is ACC related, you must complete and submit a NOVO12acc (PDF).

To ensure that your employees are paid accurately during the school holidays, instructions must be received within the cut off times. Payroll cut off times can be found at: