Payroll Update 25 May 2020

News for School Payroll Staff

Tena koutou

Queen's Birthday weekend is looming. In this edition of Payroll Update we confirm the cut-off dates, and also cover:

  • Trial to retire NOVO1s broadened
  • NOVO5s must be signed
  • Non-teaching staff back pay deadline
  • Phone access to your payroll adviser
  • EdPay guides published

Payroll timing for Queen's Birthday (pay period 05)

There will be no processing on Queen's Birthday Monday (June 1), so here's what you need to know:

  • Form/instruction cut-offs remain the same (forms Monday May 25 and Novopay online Wednesday May 27)
  • There will only be one draft SUE, available on Thursday May 28, which will contain termination pay for the period
  • The final SUE will be available from Saturday May 30
  • There's no change to the normal/scheduled deadline for stop pays (Tuesday June 2) of the pay date (Wednesday June 3).

Trial to retire NOVO1s and NOVO1nts broadened

Last week we asked more schools to help us trial retiring NOVO1s and 1nts. We now have over 400 schools in the trial, and they'll be using EdPay to add new employees. We'll collect their feedback, and if all goes well, we will soon be asking all schools to stop using these forms. The next forms to be retired will probably be NOVO3 (employee details), NOVO4 (tax details) and NOVO29 (KiwiSaver).

NOVO5s (authorisation changes) must be signed

The requirement to have NOVO5s signed by the Principal or a Board of Trustees member has been restored. This requirement was relaxed during COVID levels 4 and 3, but has now been reinstated. Forms that are not signed will be returned.

Non-teaching staff back pay deadline

The Ministry is urgently reminding schools to have non-teaching staff sign a new IEA by Friday 29 May in order for them to qualify for back pay from the end of 2019. Those that sign up after the 29 May will receive the new rates from the date of signing only and will not receive any back pay.

The Ministry's website has more information.

Phone access to your payroll adviser

Your payroll advisers will continue to be based largely from home until at least next Tuesday (June 2). Their hours of access will remain 10am to 2pm until then and will be reassessed following the Prime Minister's next announcement about alert levels.

EdPay guides published

Thank you to everyone who is using EdPay. Around 95% of schools have now logged on and are using some or all functions. So far about 75% of new hires, 76% of terminations and 92% of personal detail changes are being completed through EdPay. We'd love you to try using the change pay details function more. We're up to about 60%, and schools are saying it's easier than completing a NOVO2. We have some more big changes coming in a couple of months that will make selecting allowances and setting up new hires easier.

There are also some new, easy to follow EdPay guides:

Add employee

Change financial details

Change pay details

Change personal details

New user frequently asked questions