Payroll update 25 August 2021

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25 August 2021

EdPay to replace Novopay online for timesheets and leave

Schools have told us that they want to be able to do everything online and in one place and we are close to making that a reality. With school payroll administrators being quick to embrace recently released timesheet and leave features in EdPay, it's time to set a date for switching off these features in Novopay Online. We're telling you well in advance so that you can prepare by familiarising yourself with the EdPay timesheet and leave functions.

When will the switch off happen?

Our target date for switching off the timesheet and leave functions in Novopay Online (NOL) is Wednesday 6 October.

Currently all EdPay users have school-wide access. Will there be any other levels of EdPay access?

Currently EdPay has only school-wide user access, meaning all EdPay users are able to access and transact in all of the EdPay functions. With the switching off of Novopay Online in the near future, school principals have told us they need 'timesheet and leave only' access for some of their school's administrators. In response, we are creating a new user profile for Timesheet and Leave Administrators, which should be ready in the next few weeks. This will be for school administrators who require access to timesheets (including relievers) and leave, but do not need full EdPay school-wide access.

What is available now?

We rolled out new timesheet and leave functions to everyone in early July, having made refinements after testing them with our Beta schools. Since then we've released a timesheet transaction overview (for pending and paid timesheets) and a leave transaction history (for leave records since early 2020), added leave history filtering, timesheet CSV bulk upload, and a modal box for entering and submitting timesheets for more than one employee.

Which features are coming up?

We're working on adding the remaining features to timesheets and leave in EdPay:

  • adding multiple entries in the leave entry box (modal)
  • CSV upload for leave
  • print function (export to print).

    How can I keep informed?

    Our communications to you, our school administrators and principals, will be more frequent over the next couple of months. This is because it is essential that you know what is coming up and when it is available. Please watch out for regular Payroll Updates and emails.

    We've updated our EdPay - timesheets and leave functions FAQs on our Novopay website, as at 25 August 2021.

    We hope your question is answered here, but if it's not or if you require clarification, please chat to your friendly payroll advisor or email

    Nga mihi
    Education Payroll