Payroll Update 20 September 2021

News for School Payroll Staff

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Schools have told us that they want everything online and in one place and we've now got a date to make it happen!

Complete switch-off of Novopay Online service on 20 October

Thanks to those schools who've jumped on board EdPay, we're now ready to move to one system, that's simpler, faster and more accurate. On 6 October we're switching off timesheets and leave in Novopay Online and in exactly one month we're going to flick the off switch on our Novopay Online service.

Most schools are already doing everything they can in EdPay and have been asking us to set the date to move everything to EdPay. Because End of Year will be done in EdPay and the two highest volume transactions are already there, it makes sense to make the move at the same time.

EdPay has been designed with schools, for schools and we’ve spent the last two years developing, testing and releasing features with you. We'll be continuing to develop and improve EdPay, with new features in the pipeline. We'd like to give a big shout out to our beta schools, who've trialled each new feature and given us great feedback as we go, so we could make improvements.

Key dates

6 October – switch off of Novopay timesheets and leave – from this date they’ll only be in EdPay, but other Novopay Online features will be available for two more weeks

20 October – complete switch off Novopay Online features – only EdPay will be able to be used from this date

Is everything from Novopay Online going to be available in EdPay from 20 October?

We’ve prioritised the ‘big three’ – timesheets, leave and End of Year. An EdPay version of all other lower-volume Novopay Online functions may not be available until shortly after 20 October.
We’ll let you know what these are soon. We’ll also give clear instructions so you’ll know what to do, should you need to use these functions.

I don’t use EdPay much. How can I prepare for the switch-offs?

1. Log on to EdPay (same username and password as Novopay Online). Familiarise yourself with the layout and workings of the EdPay functions you're most likely to use.

2. When you do payroll tasks, use these EdPay functions instead of Novopay Online.

3. Contact your friendly payroll advisor with questions, or if you need help.

4. Look out for our emails as they will keep you up to date with important information, as we lead up to the two switch-off dates.

How can I learn about using EdPay?

We now have a training page on our website, with short printable guides, videos and frequently asked questions. Click here.

Is this the finished product?

No, it’s just the start. Once Novopay Online is switched off, we’ll launch into developing more features, as well as enhancing current functions. We will continue the EdPay journey with you.

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