Novopay News - 20 April 2018

News for School Payroll Staff

Tena koutou,

It's always nice to receive positive feedback from the Sector and in this edition of Novopay News, we include a helpful hint from one of our School Administrators. If you are away during the term break, enjoy your time off. Likewise if you are attending any ANZAC Day commemorations next Wednesday the 25th April.

In this edition of Novopay News we continue our reminder about switching to Smart Forms.

Also in this edition:

  • School Caretakers, Cleaners and Canteen Staff Collective Agreement changes

  • Special Tax Codes

  • Form Update - NOVO12acc

  • Better Every Day - Our Continuous Improvement model

  • Reminders - Principals Salaries, 52 Week or Term Time Only employees who are not teachers

  • Handy Hint: Attestation Reports

Nga mihi

Donna Delaney, Manager - School Account Teams

Switching to Smart Forms

Over the past 6 months we have seen a huge move towards Smart Form use. We want to thank everyone who has come along this journey with us as it has made a huge difference in enabling us to pay your employees accurately and on time.

We sent out an email on the 12 February 2018 with the benefits of Smart Forms and why we are making this shift. Following this, we hope you have all had a chance to have a conversation with your Payroll Adviser around Smart Forms, and are feeling comfortable with the 30 April 2018 deadline for handwritten forms.

If you have not yet had a conversation around Smart Forms and/or are still sending in handwritten forms, please visit the Smart Forms page on the Novopay website for more information or contact your Payroll Adviser.

School Caretakers, Cleaners and Canteen Staff Collective Agreement changes

For Caretakers: Effective from the 8th of May 2018, Caretakers paid under the School Caretakers, Cleaners and Canteen Staff Collective Agreement, or latest IEA, will have their pay grades and steps automatically updated in line with the new Caretakers scale.

These new grades are located in the Payroll Codes section on the Novopay website.

We have included some examples of the agreed rules for translation to the new pay scale on our Novopay website here. These are located under Appendix D of the School Caretakers', Cleaners' and Canteen Staff Collective Agreement. We suggest you read this and contact NZSTA if you have any questions.

Your school's Draft SUE report on the 3rd May 2018 will show the new Caretakers grades, steps and pay rates for your affected employees. Service and Qualification allowances will cease to be paid separately as of the 8/5/2018 for any of your Caretakers affected by this translation.

NB: At this stage the Cleaners and Canteen workers translation is on hold while NZSTA work through the impact of the minimum wage increase on the new scale.

Any Caretakers who are not party to the latest CA and IEA will not be party to this translation. They will need to sign the latest IEA or join the union to be paid on the new grades and steps.

For more information on the new pay scales, please contact NZSTA.

Special Tax Codes

If you have employees with a Special Tax Code (STC) for the 2019 tax year, a NOVO4 form must be completed and submitted to the Service Centre. If this is not completed, their tax code will default to a no-notification code - which is currently taxed at 45%.

If your employees have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please ask them to contact Inland Revenue on 0800 227 774.

To ensure that your employees are paid accurately, instructions must be received within the cut off times. Payroll cut off times can be found in in the Novopay website - Payroll Calendar.

Form Update - NOVO12acc

We have recently updated the NOVO12acc form on our website. Please ensure that you are always using the most up-to-date version of the NOVO forms by downloading them directly from the forms page on the website.

NOVO12acc Update

An additional field with tick box has been added in the NOVO12acc form. If you are booking unpaid leave for more than one pay period ago, and you have received permission in writing from the affected employee to process this in their next available pay, the box must be ticked. The authorising signature permits Novopay to process this in the next available pay.

If the box is not ticked, and the retrospective unpaid leave booking causes an overpayment, we will process an overpayment in the standard way.

Better Every Day - For Continuous Improvement

Over the last year, we have had a number of schools involved in providing very useful feedback to support our 'Better Every Day' continuous improvement model. This group have been asked to share their thoughts on a number of initiatives aimed at improving services, communication, process and forms.

We are now looking for more Novopay users to be involved to ensure we are gaining a range of our customer's perspectives. If you would like to be involved with this group, or find out more, please let your Payroll Adviser know and they will pass on your expression of interest.


  • Principals Salaries

Changes for Principals salaries based on the confirmed 01 March rolls, will be paid in Pay Period 02, 25th April and will be backdated to 28 January 2018.

  • 52 Week or Term Time Only employees who are not teachers

We've had a few employees set up as 52 week workers when they were actually Term Time Only (TTO), causing overpayments. When setting up these employees, please check if they are 52 week or TTO to help us get this right for your employees.

Handy Hint: Attestation Reports

This edition's Handy Hint comes from Alison at Goldfields School in Paeroa.
She writes "As we all know, although payroll is a huge part of any school, most School Administrators do many, many more jobs and it's the little things that can be overlooked and/or forgotten about. I am mentioning this as I have a calendar note to remind me at the start of every month, to check the attestation reports".
It's great to hear School Administrators making a proactive approach to getting reports accurate so that school employees are paid correctly and on time. Well done Alison!