Novopay News - 18 April 2019

News for School Payroll Staff

Tena koutou,

I hope you're enjoying the Term 1 break or at least have some plans for the long weekend ahead. The service centre will be away from Friday through to Monday, but we'll be back in the office on Tuesday 23 April.

In this edition of Novopay News, we have a special editorial from our CE, Arlene White.

Also in this edition:

  • Leave balances
  • Changes to SUE reports for Pay Period 02
  • Please ensure NOVO5 and NOVO5c forms are signed
  • Form Updates - NOVO25nt no longer required

Nga mihi

Donna Delaney, Manager - School Account Teams

Chief Executive Update

EdPay - moving to a fully online school payroll

Since Education Payroll Limited took over management of Novopay in 2014 we've worked hard to improve it - and we've seen the results of that effort in the customer satisfaction surveys.

We've done what we can, but there are still underlying issues with Novopay. Behind the scenes we have to do a lot of manual data entry to make the system work. A report in 2016 found that it needs to be either overhauled or replaced.

Last year we established a project to replace Novopay with a new system we've named EdPay.

EdPay will be fully online. It will eliminate many of the pain points for schools, particularly processes based on lengthy manual forms, which often lead to rework when information is incorrect. This is time-consuming for both schools and EPL.

The data managed by the payroll will be the same. But the way EdPay presents this information will be easier to navigate and understand.

Working with schools to get EdPay right

We have learned some hard lessons from the past and we are working closely with schools to make sure that EdPay will meet their payroll needs.

We have been testing an early version of EdPay with a small number of school users since November. This test group includes payroll administrators and principals from 11 schools. We began with testing in our offices, and then last month we gave access to them for use at their own school.

By the end of May we will expand this test group to a total of 26 schools. By August we will have up to 100 schools testing EdPay. This group will continue to test any new features we add, before we introduce them for all users.

We'll keep you updated on EdPay in this newsletter and we'll give you plenty of notice before your school receives it and you'll remain supported by our School Account Teams.

Arlene White

Chief Executive, Education Payroll Limited.

Leave balances

The Ministry has become aware that some employees have annual leave balances from previous years owing to them. Schools should be encouraging their employees to take their leave in the year it becomes due.

The school is responsible for monitoring and accurately advising EPL of leave taken. Schools have 24/7 access to leave reports in Novopay Online that will provide them with non-teaching employees annual leave balance, annual leave entitlement, accumulated leave to date, bookings and balance, and the holiday pay percentage entitlement for time sheet non-teaching staff.

It is the school's responsibility to review these reports and ensure the balances are accurate. This information is used to produce the school's leave liability report for the annual school audits and as such the annual leave balances used for the liability can only be as accurate as the balances in Novopay Online.

Changes to SUE reports for Pay Period 02

Due to the Easter Holidays, you will only receive two SUE Reports for Pay Period 02:

  • First Draft SUE is available today, Thursday 18 April, and includes Termination Pay
  • Final Draft SUE will be available this Monday 22 April

You will not receive a second Draft SUE. STOP PAYS will continue as normal on Tuesday 23 April.

Please ensure NOVO5 and NOVO5c forms are signed

Unlike other Smart Forms, the NOVO5 and NOVO5c must be signed to allow or cancel access to Authorised Users in your school.

If the request is for Principal access, it must be signed by the Board of Trustees chair or delegate.

All other access types must be signed by the Principal or a Board of Trustees member.

For the NOVO5, make sure the Authorised User being given access has also signed their section.

Once the form has been completed and signed, send it through to

Form updates

Annualisation cancellation

A NOVO25nt is no longer required when cancelling an annualisation. Annualisation can be cancelled when either an employee has terminated their position, voluntarily cancels their annualisation, or has taken more than two consecutive weeks of leave without pay.

Annualisation cancellation details can now be provided on the NOVO2nt (Field 18a) and on the NOVO6 (Field 7). There is no need for an additional NOVO25nt form.


As the time to annualise an employee for the 2019 year has passed, the NOVO23nt has been removed from our website.