Start of Year Novopay News - 16 November 2018

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Novopay News Start of Year Special Edition

Tena koutou,

Welcome to a special edition of Novopay News which focusses on the Start of Year process.

End of Year screens close 5pm Monday 26 November and we know most schools have already started the process with a few having finished already (congrats!). If you need any help at all with End of Year, don't hesitate to ring your dedicated payroll adviser or check the resources on the Novopay website (and our EOY Special Edition newsletter - in case you missed it).

Once the EOY screens have closed and the data has been processed, Start of Year screens will open Wednesday 12 December. As schools close for the holidays shortly after this date, it's best to start thinking about Start of Year now in order to get everything ready and allow yourself plenty of time to enter instructions.

If you go to the Novopay website you'll see our Blue SOY Tool Box on the main page which links to all relevant SOY resources throughout the site - we'll go into more detail about each below.

Also in this special edition of Novopay News:

  • Start of Year Screens open Wednesday 12 December
  • Annualisation
  • Out-of-hours contact person over the holiday break
  • SOY Screens close 26 March

Nga mihi

Donna Delaney, Manager - School Account Teams

Start of Year Screens open Wednesday 12 December

Wednesday 12 December is the earliest that Start of Year Screens can open.

We have to complete all the processing for Pay Period 19 before we can open the Start of Year screen. This will ensure you have all the information you need to make your changes for staff returning to work in 2019.

Start of Year 2019 Tool Box

Located on the Novopay homepage for easy access, you can find all the resources you need for End of Year.

SOY Overview

All the Novopay pages with information and links for preparing and processing.

EOY/SOY Key Dates

The flyer outlining key dates and actions from 19 September 2018 through to 26 March 2019.

Training - Self-Paced Learning Module

Similar to the EOY Self-Paced Learning Module, we have a SOY version. Once you've logged into Training Services, click Browse Training then Modules to find the Novopay folder.

Start of Year 2019 Guide

After completing the Self-Paced Learning Module, the Start of Year Guide provides more detail to help complete the process.

SOY Road Map

The Start of Year Road Map returns for 2019 and has been updated to keep things simple.

Holiday Pay Guide

The Holiday Pay Guide can be used to help explain how an employee's holiday pay is paid over the Christmas break.


Our new NOVO23nt is available on the forms page of the Novopay website (including a Mac-friendly version). The updated form includes the public holidays that fall during the term break (such as ANZAC day, Christmas day etc.) in the calculation of weeks worked

The cut-off date for sending in NOVO23nt forms is 5pm 04 February (the normal form cut-off for PP201923).

Supply Novopay with your Out-of-hours contact details

We need to be able to contact an Authorised User from your school over the Christmas break should there be any issue with an employee's pay that needs corrective action.

Send through on an email to with the subject heading "Out-of-Hours Contact" or speak to your payroll adviser.

SOY Screens close 26 March 2019

Screens do not close until late March 2019, however we recommend completing Start of Year by Wednesday 23 January to ensure your school employees are paid accurately for their first week back in Term 1.

Please note:There is no "SOY Complete" button to press. Download and retain a final copy of the Start of Year Report for your records.