15 January 2018 - Novopay News

News for School Payroll Staff

Kia ora,

I hope that you had a restful and enjoyable holiday break. On behalf of the Payroll Advisers, I would like to thank you for the treats and gifts that were delivered to the offices throughout December. They were shared amongst the teams and much appreciated.

With term one commencing 29 January, the Start of Year (SoY) period is well underway at the Novopay Service Centre. The Start of Year screen opened in Novopay Online in mid-December,so in this edition of Novopay News, we remind you of the key SoY dates and how you can get assistance if you need it.

Also in this edition;

- Annualised employees holiday pay top-up
- Annualisation calculations for 2018
- LWOP bookings for January
- NZEI subscription fees
- New form - Novo12acc
- Upcoming Public Holidays
- Customer Satisfaction Survey results

Noho ora mai
Donna Delaney, School Account Teams Manager

Start of Year

The Start of Year (SoY) screen opened in Novopay Online on Wednesday, 13 December. All Start of Year tasks which can be completed online should ideally be completed in the Start of Year screens by Wednesday, 24 January 2018.

As you will appreciate, at this time of year it's important to meet the deadlines so that staff returning to work in January are paid correctly. For staff coming back in February SoY screens will still be open until late March.

Check out the blue Start of Year Tool Box on the Novopay website, it contains links to a range of resources to support you through the SoY process:

Start of Year Road Map
Self-paced Learning Modules
Start of Year Instructions

Your Payroll Adviser will also be more than happy to assist you if you have any questions.

Pay Ending Report

Please refer to your Pay Ending report for employee occupancy dates and complete one of the following actions, as soon as possible:

1. If they are returning to the same job, and their start date falls in the current or a future pay period, you can complete this step in the Start of Year screen. If you need to backdate the request, please complete a NOVO2t/nt form (Pay Details Change for Teachers and Non Teachers) and submit to the Novopay Service Centre.

2. If they are starting a new job at your school, please complete a NOVO6 form (Termination/End of employment) to terminate the previous job and then complete a NOVO1t/nt form (New Appointment) to start the new job and submit both to the Novopay Service Centre.

3. If they are not returning to your school in the New Year please complete a NOVO6 form (Termination/End of employment) and submit to the Novopay Service Centre. Completing this step ensures departing employees receive any Holiday Pay owed on termination.

4. If you terminated an employee at the end of last year but they are returning to a new job, please complete a NOVO1t/nt form (New Appointment) and submit it to the Novopay Service Centre. If they're returning to the same job, please complete a NOVO6r form (Termination Reversal) to reverse the termination, and a NOVO2 form (Pay Details Change for Teachers and Non Teachers).

Please remember you can use the Start of Year screen through February and March for payroll changes for employees who are returning within the current pay period.

Below is a reminder of the deadlines for Start of Year:

. 24 January 2018: Complete SoY processing for employees starting in pay period 22

. 5 February 2018: All new annualisation forms (Novo23nt) must be submitted

. 7 February 2018: Complete SoY processing for employees starting in pay period 23.

Annualised employees are due a holiday pay top up payment in Pay Period 22

Each year annualised employees are due a holiday pay top up payment in Pay Period 22 (pay day 31 January 2018). This is for additional gross taxable payments received by annualised employees for the 2017 annualised period (1 February 2017 to 30 January 2018).

Holiday pay on additional gross taxable payments made from Pay Period 201723 to Pay Period 201822 (up to and including 26 January 2018) will show on your second Draft SUE report, on 29 January 2018.

Please ensure that any extra hours worked by Annualised employees are entered by 26 January 2018.

Annualisation calculations for 2018

Our Payroll Advisers have been receiving some queries regarding annualisation calculations for 2018.

The annualisation provisions in the Support Staff in Schools' Collective Agreement have been reviewed as a result of the issue created with the 27 pay periods in the 2016 year.  As a result, from this year forward the annualisation period will be from 31 January to 30 January of the following year.

This means that instead of falling between Pay Period 23 and Pay Period 22, the annualisation year may not align with the pay period dates as they have in the past.

For the 2018 annualisation year, the majority of the pay will fall in Pay Period 23 to Pay Period 22, and there will be a further day paid in Pay Period 23 of the following year that relates to this year's annualisation calculation.

The divisor for the current year will be 365/7 which equates to 52.1428, so the rate in each period will be slightly lower but as there is an additional day paid this does not reduce the overall amount that you are paid. This is outlined clearly in the Support Staff in Schools CA, Clause 3.15.7.

There is also further information on the Annualisation section of the A-Z of Payroll on the Novopay website.

Leave without Pay bookings at the end of January

If you had members of staff who were on leave without pay prior to the summer break, now is a good time to check if their situation has changed. If they are still on leave without pay, this should be recorded and a leave booking made.

To book further leave without pay, complete and send in a Novo12 form.

NZEI subscription fees

Following the NZEI Annual Meeting in 2017, and in accordance with NZEI rules, NZEI has requested their membership subscriptions be increased in pay period 201821 (pay day 17/1/18). 

The updated subscription rates can be found on the NZEI website.

New Form - NOVO12acc: ACC Leave

Due to the complexity involved in processing ACC leave bookings, we have designed a new form dedicated to these types of bookings - Novo12acc.

The form includes a field with a drop down of the leave codes associated to ACC as well as a link to the ACC Page in the Novopay website to help you when completing the form.

The form and instructions have been added to the NOVO forms page on the Novopay website.

If you have any questions regarding the form or instructions, please contact the ACC team by calling 0508 NOVOPAY (0508 668 6729) and selecting option 4.

Please note: If a Novo12 is received for an ACC related leave booking, this may be sent back requesting for a Novo12acc to be used.

Upcoming Public Holidays

Monday, 22 January - Wellington Anniversary. The Novopay Service Centre will be open and operating as usual for you to submit payroll instructions and contact your School Account Teams.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Education Payroll Customer Satisfaction Survey quarter four results were released in December. The results showed all measures improving across the year, with the highest recorded measure being the satisfaction with the overall quality of service delivery from Education Payroll.

UMR Research provided the results of the survey, which was completed online by 204 authorised users from 24 November to 11 December 2017. 85% of respondents were satisfied with the overall quality of response to their telephone queries, which follows the trend of previous results as maintaining high satisfaction throughout 2016 and 2017. This is testament to the relationship that Education Payroll Advisers have with their assigned schools' administrators and principals.