Novopay News - 14 December 2018

News for School Payroll Staff

Tena koutou,

December has arrived and I'm sure some are already on holiday as schools begin to close for the year. We will continue working through the break to ensure school employees are paid correctly, but the office will be closed on the statutory holidays and we will only be answering phone calls until 1pm on Christmas Eve.

Thank you for all your work throughout 2018. It was an eventful year and we're looking forward to making improvements to our service throughout 2019. Enjoy your break!

In this edition of Novopay News:

  • Start of Year Screens are open
  • 2018 Audit update
  • Changes to NOVO5 and NOVO5c
  • Reminder: Changes to Pay Period 20
  • Banking Staffing adjustments as a result of industrial action
  • Annualisation top-up in Pay Period 23

Nga mihi

Donna Delaney, Manager - School Account Teams

Start of Year screens are open

Start of Year screens opened Wednesday 12 December.

The blue SOY Tool Box on the Novopay homepage contains links to all relevant guides and training.

Download the Pay Ending report

Download the Pay Ending Report from Novopay Online to help you complete Start of Year. The Pay Ending Report can be used to:

  • identify employees whose occupancies are due to end soon, and who will not be paid after their occupancy ends
  • terminate employees who have already left your school, but whose occupancies have not been terminated in the payroll system.

If an employee, regardless of their status, is displayed on the Pay Ending report and is not restarted, their pay will cease on the date displayed on the report.

2018 Audit update

The annual reporting and school audit process is starting soon. All relevant reports will be available on Thursday 07 February 2019 and will be in the same format as previous years.

The following reports will be available for download from Novopay Online:

  • School Annual Accrual Report (SAAR)
  • Leave Liability Reports

The reports below will be sent to your school's principal by email:

  • Overpayments Error Schedule
  • Stop Pays Error Schedule
  • Funding Code Error Schedule

Key Dates

Change to NOVO5 and NOVO5c

As part of our continuous improvements and based on your feedback, we have made changes to the forms which authorise a new Novopay user (NOVO5 and NOVO5c).

We've made some minor adjustments to the design of the forms to make completing them easier, but more importantly - the forms no longer need to be posted.

As of Monday 17 December 2018, Novo5 forms will be accepted by email.

The form can be sent through to by an Authorised User in the same way you would send other payroll instructions. This will ensure a faster turnaround time for setting up a new user.

For new schools or schools without an Authorised User, the form can be emailed to These will then be given to the Ministry of Education for approval.

The new form will be available on the website from Monday. Please download the latest version from the website to ensure you have the most up-to-date instructions.

Reminder: Changes to Pay Period 20

As mentioned in the last Novopay News, the pay day for Pay Period 20 will be Friday 28 December. Because of the earlier pay day:

  • The cut-off for manual forms for this pay period will be 5pm Monday 17 December.
  • The cut-off for entering instructions in Novopay Online will be 3pm Wednesday 19 December.
  • The first draft SUE report will be available Thursday 20 December and the final SUE will be available Saturday 22 December. There will be no second draft SUE report.
  • There will be no Stop Pays in Pay Period 20.

Banking Staffing adjustments as a result of industrial action

Following industrial action on 15 August 2018 there were a small group of teachers who, despite being on strike, generated their normal banking staffing charge.

To remedy this the Ministry of Education has identified the employees and calculated the value of the overcharge so that affected school's Banking Staffing could be amended. The Ministry has confirmed that adjustments will be processed and appear on affected school Banking Staffing Report for PP201919.

Please note that any adjustments will appear in the "Ministry Adjustment for period" row on the summary page on your banking staffing report under the period the strike deductions were actioned (PP201911).

If you believe that an employee of yours was overcharged and you do not see a banking staffing adjustment please notify the Ministry of Education by emailing

Please note that similar adjustments will be made in the New Year for industrial action that occurred between 12 - 16 November.

Annualisation top-up in Pay Period 23

In previous years, any employee who completed the annualisation period and was owed a top-up amount would have received it in Pay Period 22. (Top-up amounts may include a holiday pay top-up for additional hours worked throughout the year, or a percentage of gross earnings for Pay Periods 19 to 22 if someone was term time only in 2017 but annualised in 2018.)

This year, the end date of the annualisation contract (30 January 2019) falls on the first day of the next pay period. Therefore, any impacted employees will receive their top-up amount in Pay Period 23 (pay day 12 February).