Payroll Update 11 June 2020

News for School Payroll Staff

Tena koutou

  • Retiring NOVO forms
  • Use EdPay to change pay details
  • New EdPay functions coming soon
  • ACC for accident or injury reminder

Retiring NOVO forms is underway.

This week we asked all schools to retire NOVO1t and 1nt, after a successful trial with 420 schools. All schools will be using EdPay for new hires from now on.

Thank you all very much for your support.

The next forms to be retired are most likely to be NOVO3 (change employee details), NOVO4 (change tax details) and NOVO29 (Kiwisaver), but we're taking it slow and listening to feedback from schools on the retirement of NOVO1s first.

Use EdPay to change pay details

You can change an employee's pay details in EdPay instead of using a NOVO2. Around 70 percent of schools are using this EdPay function, and they've said it's faster and more accurate than the form. If you'd like to try it, there's built-in help in EdPay, or there's a guide on the EdPay login page. Read it here

New EdPay functions coming soon

Our 66 beta (test) schools will also soon be testing a new feature to automatically onboard specialist and support staff that have existing MoE numbers. All you'll need to do is enter the staff member's MoE number and IRD number and EdPay will automatically prepopulate almost all details - just the contract details need to be added.

We'll also be giving beta schools the first taste of our allowances feature. EdPay will know from the employee's contract and the type of school what kinds of allowances and rates they are entitled to. It will give you a menu of options to pick and choose from. No more having to remember hundreds of allowance codes. This first go at the allowances feature will be for when you're onboarding an employee, but in the future it will also work for editing and adding allowances to staff at any time.

The plan is to collect feedback on the allowances feature from our beta schools for a couple of pay cycles, before making it available to all schools.

What to do if your employee has an accident or injury covered by ACC

If your employee has an accident or injury covered by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) scheme:

  • Advise them to contact ACC and request weekly compensation. There's more information on the ACC website.
  • If the work-related injury is for less than a week (not exceeding five continuous days for specialist and support staff and seven continuous days for teachers), submit a NOVO12acc leave booking form (PDF) using ACWK1 - WorkRelated W1 for the Leave Code. The first week of injury is considered a stand down period to ACC, so this cost needs to be covered by the school.
  • Send in any forms labelled ACC3, ACC72 or ACC38 that you receive from ACC to as soon as possible. We will complete these.

For more help, please visit our ACC page.