Novopay News - 11 January 2019

News for School Payroll Staff

Tena koutou,

Welcome to 2019! I hope you enjoyed the Christmas and New Year break. Most schools won't start until late January or early February but we know a lot of administrators are already back at work, preparing for the new school year.

Start of Year screens remain open and completing the process earlier will help ensure all your staff are paid accurately and on time when they return. We have more details about the process below. And if you need any further assistance, your dedicated payroll adviser is always here to help.

In this edition of Novopay News:

  • Start of Year Screens are open
  • Cut-off dates for manual forms
  • NOVO5 and NOVO5c now accepted by email
  • Wellington Anniversary
  • Reminder: Annualisation top-up in Pay Period 23

Nga mihi

Donna Delaney, Manager - School Account Teams

Start of Year screens are open

Start of Year screens opened Wednesday 12 December. We recommend completing all tasks which can be done in the Start of Year screens by Wednesday 23 January to help ensure all staff returning to work before 30 January are paid correctly.

The blue SOY Tool Box on the Novopay homepage contains links to all relevant guides and training including:

You must restart all term-time only auto-paid non-teachers and fixed-term teachers who are returning to your school.

Please remember to enter start and end dates in the SOY screen to ensure that term-time only non-teachers and fixed-term teachers are paid from the correct date - the default start date of 07-FEB-2019 will not be correct for all your term-time only employees.

If a fixed-term teacher is starting between 28 Jan and 07 Feb, enter 28 Jan as their start date in the SOY screen. If a fixed-term teacher is starting after 07 Feb, please enter 28 Jan as their start date and book LWOP from 28 Jan to the day before they return.

Term-time only employees, who do not return as at the schools start date also need to have LWOP booked from the school's start date until the day before the employee is due to return. Not completing this step could result in overpayments.

NOTE: You need to enter your employee's start and end dates in SOY before you can proceed with booking LWOP.

Further information can be found in the Start of Year 2019 Guide (PDF).

Cut-off dates for manual forms

You may still need to submit a NOVO form as not all changes can be processed via Novopay Online, so please remember the form cut-off dates:

  • Manual forms cut-off for employees starting in PP22 (before 30 Jan 2019) is 5pm 21 Jan 2019.
  • Manual forms cut-off for employees starting in PP23 (between 30 Jan 2019 and 12 Feb 2019) is 5pm 04 Feb 2019.

NOVO5 and NOVO5c now accepted by email

Since Monday 17 December, NOVO5 and NOVO5c forms no longer need to be posted. Please download the latest version from the website to ensure you have the most up-to-date instructions.

The form can be emailed through to by an Authorised User in the same way you would send other payroll instructions.

For new schools or schools without an Authorised User, the form can be emailed to These will then be given to the Ministry of Education for approval.

Wellington Anniversary

Monday 21 January is Wellington Anniversary and our office will still be open for processing payroll instructions and answering your calls. Your dedicated payroll adviser may have the day off, but someone in their team will be happy to help with any enquiries.

Reminder: annualisation top-up in Pay Period 23

As mentioned in the last Novopay News, any annualised employee owed a top-up amount will receive it in Pay Period 23 (instead of Pay Period 22 as in previous years). This is due to the end date of the annualisation contract (30 January 2019) falling on the first day of that pay period.