Payroll Update - 09 September 2019

News for School Payroll Staff

Tena koutou

Today we confirm when Principals on collective agreements and individual employment agreements will get their back pay, and ask how you're feeling heading into End of Year/Start of Year.

Principals covered by collective agreements

All applicable principals who are union members will receive their lump sum payments in the next pay (pay period 13, pay day 25 September). This is for those covered by the primary, secondary and area school principal collective agreements.

All principals covered by the new agreement will receive their increases, including back pay and allowance adjustments from the following pay (pay period 14, pay day: 9 October).

Read the collective agreements for Principals on the Ministry of Education website.

Principals covered by individual employment agreements

The new Individual Employment Agreements (IEA) have been promulgated and are all available in one place on the Ministry of Education website. You can advise us of any change using NOVO22t IEA pay change for teachers. Principals who have signed one of the new IEAs can expect to see their increases from pay period 15, pay day 23 October onwards, with back pay to the date the IEA is signed by the principal.

EOY/SOY survey

On Friday we emailed you a survey asking how you're feeling as thoughts start to turn to the busy End of Year/Start of Year (EOY/SOY) process. We use the survey results to make sure we're giving enough support to those who would like it, and also to see what parts of the process cause the most concern. We can then provide extra help on those things.

If you are involved with EOY/SOY this year and have yet to complete the survey, it's available here: