Payroll Update - 05 September 2019

News for School Payroll Staff

Tena koutou

In today's draft SUE report, you'll see the adjustments made for teachers who are covered by the collective agreements for primary, secondary and area schools. These staff members will get back-pay from 1 July. We're still making a few adjustments so you might see some tweaks between the draft SUE and the final SUE on Tuesday, but most of the adjustments have already been calculated and thoroughly checked.

The collective agreement adjustments have been a huge piece of work for our staff who've put in over-time and weekends to get over 139,000 separate jobs correctly calculated for 51,000 teachers as quickly as possible.

It might seem as though we should be able to make these calculations at the touch of a button, but unfortunately, we are still operating with a payroll service that requires our staff to do a lot of manual calculations and workarounds every time there's a significant change.

We're working to change that with EdPay, the new payroll service we're building with the support of trial schools. Once EdPay is in place, schools will get a much better online experience, and we will have some significant improvements to the back end processing as well.

I expect the collective agreement adjustments might mean extra work for you too as you explain the new calculations to teachers at your schools. I hope the notes in today's Payroll Update are helpful, and if you have more queries, your dedicated payroll adviser is there for you too.

Kind Regards

Arlene White
Chief Executive

What back pay do eligible teachers get?

Teachers, who are union members will receive back pay from 1 July 2019. This means they will receive two days back pay for pay period 7, and 14 days each for pay periods 8, 9, 10 and 11. From pay period 12 onwards, they receive their pay at the new rate.

In today's draft SUE report, you'll see the amount of back pay added for each pay period, and whether it was for salary, sick leave, or holiday pay.

The current format of teachers' payslips doesn't allow us to spell things out clearly, but they will see back-paid salary, sick leave and holiday pay listed as 'Arrears'.

What do the collective agreements say?

The terms of settlement for the new collective agreements are all published in one place on the Ministry of Education's website. Each terms of settlement includes tables showing the changes in base salary scales.

What about Individual Employment Agreements?

The new Individual Employment Agreement (IEA) 2019 for teachers will be promulgated on 1 October 2019, after which it can be offered to non-union members, and advised to us using a NOVO22t IEA pay change for teachers. The IEA adjustments apply from the date the employee signs the IEA, (which cannot be earlier than the 1 October promulgation date). Adjustments will be made as soon as possible after the new IEA is signed, on or after pay period 15.

We can't accept NOVO22t forms until after the promulgation of the agreement on 1 October 2019. If you've sent one in already, it can't be processed as the signing is not valid. A new NOVO22t will be required once the new IEA is signed by the employee.

NOVO form updates

The collective agreements have required a few updates to some NOVO forms:

  • NOVO27 - the Maternity Grant form has now been amended to Parental Grant and includes provisions under paid parental leave.
  • NOVO16c - a small update as there's no need for a letter of confirmation for allowances other than leadership roles and alternative arrangements.
  • NOVO38t - secondary school teachers now get additional allowances effective 01 July 2019 if they are covered by the collective agreement.
  • NOVO36t - primary teachers on the latest collective agreement can no longer apply for the tutor teacher allowance, as the mentor teacher allowance has been introduced for this sector (see below). Please note that any primary teachers who are currently receiving this allowance will continue to do so until 27 January 2020.
  • NOVO36m - primary teachers are now eligible for a mentor teacher allowance, effective 01 July 2019. If the confirmed staffing entitlement is for a newly qualified teacher, an overseas teacher, or a teacher who has retrained, confirmation of the time allowance from the Ministry of Education will be required.

Please ensure you download the latest form from the Novopay website.

Reminder: ACC annual levy to be deducted 18 September

ACC annual levies will be deducted from your school's bank account on 18 September. Please ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover this deduction.

To access the invoice, log into NOL and go to the 'My Reporting' tab. Choose ACC EoY (invoice to schools) and select the 2019 invoice.