Payroll update 3 August 2021

News for School Payroll Staff

3 August 2021

Kia ora koutou

In this issue of Payroll Update:

  • Full steam ahead with EdPay
  • New leave history feature now available in EdPay
  • Final pay owing for some employees
  • ACC levy invoices available soon
  • Reminder to extend your fixed-term staff returning in term 3
  • Tips for sending a salary assessment application
  • Employees on continuous ACC leave
  • Reminder: job start dates needed for teacher aides who started before Novopay go-live

Full steam ahead with EdPay

We're continuing to roll out new features in EdPay as we work towards switching off Novopay Online. Most of the high volume transactions, such as timesheets and leave, are already available in EdPay and we have been making enhancements and refinements to these as we transition towards doing everything in EdPay. CSV uploads for timesheets and leave are currently being tested and we will let you know when they're available.

Our beta schools have mostly been using EdPay for everything they can, and we've received really positive feedback about the new functions. We've had some great feedback from our non-beta schools as well: "Fantastic upgrade", "This is awesome news", "Yay can't wait", and "These changes look awesome and I cannot wait to use them." If you're not already doing everything you can in EdPay, please give it a go.

New leave history feature now available in EdPay

Next time you log into EdPay, you'll be able to filter leave entries listed in the Leave History tab according to the leave category (eg sick leave) orleave type (paid or unpaid). This will make it easier to group leave entries when checking and tracking.

Here's a screenshot:

We've been getting some great feedback about EdPay from our beta schools and a few questions, so have put together some EdPay timesheets and leave FAQs you might find useful.

Email any feedback or call your friendly payroll advisor.

Final pay owing for some employees

In February 2021 we updated you on an issue that occurred relating to some employees' jobs not being correctly finalised and final holiday pay not being calculated in the payroll system when their employment in that job ended. We have identified the employees who have not been correctly finalised and are therefore missing a final payment.

What do you need to do?

There is nothing you need to do. EPL and the Ministry of Education are working to make remediation payments to affected employees starting in August 2021. We will contact you if your school is affected.

Where will this payment be funded from?

The Ministry of Education has agreed to absorb the cost of this remediation on behalf of schools. Payments will appear and then be reversed on your SUE report, so that no cost is incurred by your school.

Going forward

Schools are required to ensure permanent employees who stop working have their roles terminated. EPL will terminate fixed-term employees' roles, if the school has not already done so.

You are able to see a list of your employees, as well as any jobs that may have lapsed and therefore require an action, in EdPay. We encourage you to use the termination process in EdPay for any future job terminations.

ACC levy invoices available soon

Your annual ACC levy invoices will be available via Novopay Online from 1 September 2021. To access the invoice on or after that date, log into Novopay Online, visit the My Reporting tab and choose ACC EoY.

This is your 2021 ACC annual levy invoice. The levy is based on net leviable earnings and will be deducted from your school's bank account on 29 September2021. For more information about payments and rates that make up this year's levy, click here.

Reminder to extend your fixed-term staff returning in term 3

Please note that you can extend your fixed-term staff by submitting pay details change request in EdPay. For more information on how to extend your fixed-term staff, please check the "Change pay details" found in the Edpay Guides and New User FAQs section of EdPay.

If your staff member is starting a new role you cannot extend the existing position and will need to set up a new appointment.

Tips for sending a salary assessment application

Here are our top tips for ensuring a salary assessment application can be processed without delay:

  • download a new Salary Assessment Application form from the website to ensure you have the most up-to-date version (last updated 16/3/2021).
  • please type all the details required into the form - handwriting can lead to errors.
  • check the frequently asked questions, application manual, and quick checklist on the Salary Assessment page?before sending the application.

Note: please do not reply to closed tickets, as Education Payroll staff won't see the email. Instead, please contact our team on 0508 6686729, option 3 for queries or concerns. This service is available to both school authorised users and non-authorised users/the public between 9.30am and 3.30pm Monday to Friday.

Employees on continuous ACC leave

If your employee is still on continuous ACC Leave or still covered by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) scheme, you will need to continue to submit a NOVO12acc leave booking form (PDF). For more information, please visit our ACC page.

Reminder: job start dates needed for teacher aides who started before Novopay go-live

Your Education Payroll payroll advisor is available to answer any additional questions you may have. There is nothing that you need to do now. Education Payroll will be in contact with affected schools and employees.

Education Payroll has contacted schools that had one or more employees under the TAPEC (Teacher Aide Pay Equity Claim) settlement that started before Novopay go-live to ask for a true job start date for these employees. Without further information, these employees will be due for increment on the default increment date of 12 February.

If your school received a request, we ask that you send their start details to the Pay Centre with a subject line "TAPEC start dates" for actioning before COB 20 August. If a date isn't supplied, we will apply a default date of 12 February.

We will not process the increments until the deadline has passed. Increments for these employees will be applied in pay period 12, so will be available to be seen in the draft SUE report for that pay period.