Novopay News 1 June 2018

News for School Payroll Staff

Tena koutou,

Welcome to the latest edition of the Novopay News.

In this edition of Novopay News we are introducing a number of Novopay Form changes. We are continuing to look at ways to improve these forms to ensure they are easier to use and also provide us with all the information needed to process your payroll instructions accurately.

Also in this edition:

  • Individual Employment Agreement Updates
  • Tranche Increase for Area Schools' Principals'
  • Remittance Advice
  • Cleaners' and Canteen Staff back dated Collective Agreement changes

Nga mihi

Donna Delaney, Manager - School Account Teams

Form Updates - NOVO1t/1nt, NOVO6, NOVO25nt, NOVO9t, NOVO20t

NOVO1t/1nt -New Appointment for Teachers/Non-Teachers Smart Form

New Teacher's salary on appointment:

  • A recent policy from the Ministry of Education means that newly qualified teachers can be placed on the minimum step of the trained teacher's pay scale while they are being assessed by our Salary Assessment Unit.

  • We have added 3 new fields to the Novo1t - New Appointment for Teachers form to help the processing of this change.

New fields added:

  • 13a: Teachers Registration Number
  • 13b: Type of Registration (drop down list)
  • 13c: Registration Expiry Date

Audit Bank Account Declaration requirement:

  • To comply with audit requirements, we have updated the section around employee bank accounts on both the Novo1t - New Appointment for Teachers and the Novo1nt - New Appointments for Non Teachers

  • Field 31 on both forms has been updated as a declaration stating the bank account listed on the form is standing in the name of the employee mentioned in section 1 of the form, or in the joint name of the employee and some other persons. This is a mandatory field to complete.

This replaces the reference field on this form.

  • We have also updated the Novo3 - Employee Details Change form with same declaration by adding a new field, Field 30.

Designation Codes update:

  • We have updated the designation codes pick list within the Novo1nt - New Appointments for Non Teachers for clarity around the new MoE concurrence IEA.

    Previously this IEA was only available to Bus Controllers, but this has now been extended to other employees who do not fall within the available collectives. We have updated the designation code associated to that IEA to be S69- Individual Employment Agreement.

    NOTE: You can still type the employees' actual position title in the position field for clarity of their role within your school.

NOVO6 - Termination/End of Employment Smart Form and Instructions

  • A new section has been added for those cleaning staff who are transferring or being re-deployed by a company outside of the education sector.

  • There is an updated section dedicated to employees paid under the Special Residential Schools CA/IEA. This is to identify Rostered Employees and to ensure the correct termination pay is paid to Standard employees.

  • The instructions sheet has been updated for these changes and the signature requirements.

NOVO25nt - Termination/End of Employment Smart Form and Instructions

  • A new drop down list for termination reason has been added. This means you won't have to complete a Novo6 as well as a Novo25nt for annualised employees who are ceasing employment.

  • Clarification has been added around what is classified as a 'start date' under field 7.

NOVO9t - Statement of Service Request for Teachers

  • A new section for Service for Teacher Registration/ Certification purposes has been added in the NOVO9t form. You must select the required service by ticking the appropriate box.

NOVO20t- Additional Hours/Allowance for Teachers Smart Form and Instructions

  • The hours and units column has been split into two separate fields. This is to allow you to advise us of units such as KMs for travel.
  • The instructions have been updated to reflect this additional field.

NOTE: To ensure that we are receiving all of the information required to process your payroll instructions correctly, the latest versions of the above forms must be used from Friday 15 June 2018 onwards.

Individual Employment Agreement Updates

On 3 April 2017 a new Individual Employment Agreement (IEA) was promulgated for all employees whose work is not covered by the existing Collective agreements.

This means:

  • A wider range of employee types can now be paid. I.e. not just Bus Controllers.

  • An increase in the number of paid sick days per year from 5 to a max of 7 days.

This new IEA was implemented into the payroll in PP25 and in PP05 we completed the task of moving all employees who commenced and signed the MOE Concurrence IEA, effective from 3 April 2017, over to the new IEA and updated their sick leave to be in line with the change.

NOTE: If any of your employees are currently employed on the old MOE concurrence agreement prior to 3 April 2017 (MOECC on your latest SUE report), and have signed the new MOE Concurrence IEA due to a change in rate, hours worked, days worked or bus route change, but you have not sent through a Novo22nt form advising us of this, you can do this now advising of the date they signed the new IEA so we can bring them up to date.

Third Tranche pay increase for Area School Principals' (PPTA and NZEI)

Area Principals' third tranche pay increase, will be effective from 2 June 2018. These changes will be actioned in PP05, i.e. pay day 6 June, 2018. All the Principals on the current collective agreement, or individual employment agreement, will be automatically updated.

NOTE: All acting Principals will also have their pays reviewed to be in-line with the new pay rates at the same time.

Remittance Advice

Every quarter, the Tax Team process refund payments for PAYE, student loan and Kiwisaver deductions charged on overpayments and stop payments funded from your school. Once payments are made, a Remittance Advice letter with the details of the payment is sent to the school's Principal by post.

Should you require a copy of the letter, please contact your Principal. Alternatively, you can contact the Tax Team by sending a request via with the Subject: OP/Stop Remittance Advice Letter.

Cleaners and Canteen Staff backdated Collective Agreement changes

For Cleaners and Canteen Staff: Effective from the 8th of May 2018, Cleaners and Canteen Staff paid under the School Caretakers, Cleaners and Canteen Staff Collective Agreement, or latest IEA, will have their pay grades and steps automatically updated in line with the new Cleaners and Canteen Staff scale.

You will see the changes to your Cleaners and Canteen Staff's grades, steps and pay rate on your first draft SUE for Pay Period 05, 31 May 2018.

It is important to note that any Service, Qualification and In-Charge allowances will cease to be paid separately as of the 8th May 2018 as these are now included in their rates.

These new grades are located in the Payroll Codes section on the Novopay Website. The agreed rules for translation are located under Appendix D of the online School Caretakers', Cleaners' and Canteen Staff Collective Agreement. We suggest you read this and contact NZSTA if you have any questions.

We have also included some examples of the agreed rules which can be viewed in the previous Novopay News found here.

Any Cleaners or Canteen Staff who are not party to the latest CA and IEA will not be party to this translation. They will need to sign the latest IEA or join the union to be paid on the new grades and steps.

For more information on the new pay scales, please contact NZSTA.