Frequently Asked Questions: The SUE Report Employee Summary

What is the Employee Summary?

The Employee Summary takes data from the main SUE report and displays it alphabetically by employee surname. The report consolidates the detail of an employee's pay by pay code for each job. This helps you quickly scan for amounts which stand out as incorrect.

Why has the Employee Summary been added?

We worked closely with the sector to develop this approach which will make it easier to see SUE report information at a glance.

Where is the Funding/Department section of the SUE report?

You will find this information below the Employee Summary.

Is this the same information as in the Funding/Department section in the SUE?

Yes, the information used in the Employee Summary is the same as that used in the Funding/Department section of the SUE. The difference is that in the Employee Summary, the totals for the pay code are consolidated by employee job.

Why has the SUE report doubled in size?

Due to the addition of the Employee Summary section in the SUE report the file size is now larger.

Why haven't issues with the SUE report been fixed?

This change to the SUE report provides you with your schools SUE information in an easy-to-read format. The issues currently associated with the SUE report are being worked on for correction.

Does this mean I now have two sections of the report to check?

The Employee Summary allows you to review an employee's pay in one place. It takes information from the main SUE report and displays it in a different way. Below the Summary, the main SUE report still includes detailed information for your reference. This way, you can refer to the format that works best for you.

Why is there no grand total at the end of the Employee Summary to verify the entries are there?

The Employee Summary section uses the same information from the main section of the SUE report only. The grand totals are on the last page of the SUE report.

Will the Employee Summary be included in the CSV file version of the SUE report?

No. The Employee Summary is only available in the PDF version.

Why aren't the employees separated by group e.g. support staff/teachers/principals?

The Employee Summary enables you to find employees quickly by surname sorted alphabetically.

Will leave and public holidays show on one line?

Yes, if the rate is the same then the total will show in one line.

Will the dates for Relievers be included in the Employee Summary?

No, only the total dates will be displayed. The original section will still hold the detail for the Relievers.

Will the Employee Summary replace the original SUE report?

No. This is an additional section to the original SUE report.

Will two separate reports be available?

There are no plans at this stage to separate the two sections into different reports.

For general questions about your SUE report please contact the Service Centre at or by phone on 0508 668 6729.