News for School Payroll Staff

Kia ora,

It's May already and the year is flying by with the colder months approaching and January seems such a distant memory.

In this issue we talk about the tranche pay increases this month, provide advice about loading bank accounts into NoL, and we give a good tip about using self-paced learning models.

Hoping your second term is going well.

Noho ora mai

Mathew Gordon, School Account Team Manager

Tranche pay increases in May

The second tranche pay increase for primary and secondary principals, and primary teachers - effective 2 May 2017 - is going though in PP03 i.e. pay day 10 May, 2017. Only those primary and secondary principals, and primary teachers on the current collective agreement or current individual employment agreement, will be affected by this change.

Kiwisaver and employees who belong to GSF, NPF, TRSS or SSRSS superannuation schemes

Any employee who belongs to one of these schemes and has a break in service will be automatically enrolled into Kiwisaver when they return to service. They will need to Opt Out if they do not wish to continue in Kiwisaver. These schemes are no longer open to join, so they are classed as "non-complying superannuation schemes" under the Kiwisaver Act. People who are members of them are not exempt from the Kiwisaver auto enrolment rules once they have a break in service. Employees can choose to enrol in it at any time.

Loading school bank accounts on Novopay Online (NoL)

We are receiving some queries about how to do this. Please complete a direct debit form and send it to the Ministry of Education's finance unit for processing. The forms must be sent to the Ministry's "Accounts Receivable"  Email: and sent to the Ministry's "Accounts Payable"  Email: so they can update it for their direct debits payments as well.

It is important that the form is stamped by the bank and accompanied with a copy of their deposit slip. You need to ensure with your bank that their system has been updated for a debit to take place. In addition, to completing the above you will also need to complete a Bank Account Change Form and send them to the Ministry Accounts email provided above.

Keep emergency contacts details up to date

The change of season is the perfect opportunity to review employee records and emergency contact details. You can update employee addresses, email addresses and emergency contact details in Novopay Online. Adding them to Novopay Online enables you to access these details from any PC in the event of an emergency. Update addresses and emergency contacts by visiting the "My HR" page and choosing "Personal Details" then "Personal Contacts and Emergency Contacts". To view and update staff email addresses go to "My Reporting "and click on "School Reports" and "Payslip Re-Mail".

If you need to make other employee record changes, such as a change of surname in the case of marriage, please submit a Novo3 form. Note: There is a good tip on using "MY HR" in the 21 April Novopay News.  It's Handy Hint # 2 - the very last story.

Payroll advisor profile

Meet Meetu. She has just been back at work with Education Payroll for two weeks after maternity leave and giving birth to a beautiful daughter - Shreeya.

Meetu is the payroll advisor to 43 schools across the country, mostly secondary schools. She was on leave when the new School Account Team model was introduced last year and she has noticed a real difference from the old to the new way of working.

"There has been a very clear improvement," she says, "the instructions we are getting from schools are much clearer and more accurate. I am getting to know my schools. I like talking to people on the phone as you can get a background to what the issues are about."

Meetu has a Master's degree in Computer Science from Bhopal University, India. What do you to relax we ask her? "Sleep!" she says emphatically.

When she has free time Meetu enjoys gardening and family life.

Handy Hint

Did you know that you have training resources available to you, in the form of self-paced modules?

There are resources available to you to use for training your schools Novo pay Authorised users, and for current NOL users to refresh their knowledge.

The link to the self-paced modules is found here.

Our suggestions is to start with;

  • "What is Payroll"
  • "Introduction to Novopay Online (NoL)"
  • "Leave Management"
  • "Filtering and Pivot Tables for SUE reports" - for advanced users of Excel.