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4 November, 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of Novopay News,

Our lead story is on the incorrect SUE reports which were issued early November and how we are managing this situation.

We have some helpful tips to help you work through End of Year and get ready for Start of Year. There are also some more Start of Year training courses available.

We have some useful how to information on ACC and the Quarter 3 Customer Satisfaction Survey is now out and we have a story on its findings.

Kind regards,

Mathew Gordon, Manager, School Account Teams Education Payroll Ltd

SUE Reports

You may be aware from the Novopay Alerts and media coverage that there was a privacy breach with the draft SUE reports released on Wednesday November 2. The issue has been addressed and the draft SUE reports have been released correctly.

It impacted 10 schools and 530 employees. Five hundred and fifty two people logged into the payroll system during this time but did not necessarily access the details of the SUE report.

We take privacy very seriously and apologise sincerely to those affected. When we understood what had happened we asked all schools in receipt of this incorrect information to immediately delete it.

We very much appreciate the response of those authorised users who deleted the report and actively supported us through in incident.

If your school was impacted we will have been in contact and we are contacting and apologising to the affected employees.

The error has arisen as the result of a recent software update. We are fully investigating how the error occurred. We are confident that this will not impact on school employees' pay.

We are working with the office of the Government's Chief Privacy Officer regarding the privacy issues.

Contacts for payroll emergencies over the holiday period

As usual at this time of year we need to gather an emergency contact for each school for use in the case of a payroll issue over the summer break. We will be shortly asking schools to advise us on their emergency contact for this holiday season.

Reminders, hints and key dates

Completing the EoY/SoY process ensures that your employees get paid their correct holiday pay at the end of the year in pay periods 19 and 20, and that employees who are starting or returning in 2017 are set up correctly on the payroll.

The deadline for submitting your End of Year data is 5pm on Monday, 28 November.

A reminder - you don't have to complete End of Year all at once. We would encourage you to go into the End of Year screens in Novopay Online, complete as much as you can, save your progress and come back to it at a later time. This will help reduce the work you need to do at the end.

Once you have completed your End of Year work, please remember to press the EoY Complete button and wait for a message to appear in red "EOY has been completed". If you believe you do not have any changes to make in the End of Year screen, you will also need to press the End of Year complete button.

There are a number of tools to support you. Use these quick links to useful resources:

. End of Year 2016 Homepage

. End of Year 2016 Instructions

. Holiday pay

. EoY/SoY key dates flyer

. EoY and Soy Self-paced Learning Modules

Reminder: Timesheet employees

To ensure Public Holiday payments for timesheet employees are accurate in PP20 (Pay Day 30 December), please ensure you submit their data on time and as you receive it through PP18 and PP19.

Reminder: Entering your school's Term Four end date

If the last day your school is open for instruction in Term Four falls between Monday and Thursday, the date you enter in the "maintain term dates" screen is the actual last day your school is open for instruction.

However, if the last day your school is open for instruction falls on a Friday, the date entered should be the Sunday of that week. For example, if your school's last day of instruction for Term Four is Wednesday 14 December, you would enter 14 December. But if your school's last day is Friday 16 December, you would enter Sunday 18 December. Only Term Four end dates that fall on a Friday should be extended to the Sunday of that week.

Start of Year (SoY) - Tip

Once you have completed your End of Year in Novopay

We know that there is not a lot of time to get your SoY information loaded. The reason the SoY screens are opening on 14 December and not earlier is because we have to do all the processing for PP19 before we can open the Start of Year screens. We need to finish processing holiday pay before we can open the screens so that you will have all the information you need to make your changes and additions for staff returning to work in the New Year.

However, we suggest that you start gathering the information now so that the data entry is quick and easy.

? Print and read the Novopay Start of Year 2017 instructions.

? Complete the Start of Year 2017 self-paced learning module. 

? Update your school calendar with 2017 term dates.

? Print the Start of Year report.

? Print the Pay Ending report.

Record on your report, ready for keying into NOL when SoY screens open on 14 December:

. Start and End dates for Term-time only, auto-paid non teachers.

. Start and End dates for Fixed-term teachers.

Employees must be restarted no later than the pay period in which they return to work.

You will also need to know if any staff have a change in:

. Funding / Department code

. Employment status

. Hours worked

. Allowances


Make the most of SoY e-workshops

The SoY e-workshops will be open for bookings from Monday November 7. The courses will run from 5 December to 9 December.

We encourage you to book one of these courses as they are very helpful. They can be booked on the Training Services website.

Updated forms

Two forms have been updated. They are available from the Novopay website along with updated instruction sheets and should be used from now on. If you have saved previous versions of these forms and instructions please delete and save the new ones.

The new forms are:

Novo1t and Novo1nt - New Employee forms:

These further improvements follows feedback we received after we updated the forms earlier this month. The changes are:

Superannuation/Kiwisaver section, Field 33:

Added comment 'other than Kiwisaver'

AXA updated to TRSS

Novo 6 - Termination/End of Employment

This form is used for all employee types, so we have updated it to help make sure it captures all the information we need. The changes are:

. A section on employees' hours for the week

. A Special Residential Schools section

. A Secondary Principals section

. A new facility to add notes about the terminating employee

. A link to a web page showing Tenure changes for employee and clarity on what notification is required

. A link to an offset letter for those whose terminations are advised late and the employee has been overpaid salary, but is due holiday pay.

'How-to guide' to help you with the ACC process

If an employee at your school has a work or a non-work related accident, please follow this step-by-step guide to get the process started. The 'How-to-Guide' is located here or under the Novopay Home > Tools to help you > A-Z of payroll > A.

If you have employees who are on ACC, please submit a NOVO12 form with "Attention ACC Team" in the subject line.

If you have employees who were on ACC and have returned after the Term 4 break, please let us know by submitting a ticket request or contacting your Novopay payroll adviser.

If you have employees who have returned at reduced hours, due to an ACC rehabilitation plan, please let us know by submitting a ticket request or contacting your Novopay payroll adviser.

Quarter 3 customer satisfaction survey results

The third Education Payroll Customer Satisfaction survey results continue to show positive trends with almost all measures either improved or remained consistent with the previous two surveys.

UMR has provided the results of the third survey which was completed online by 202 authorised users from 29 August to 8 September, 2016. These users were spread evenly across the different sizes and types of schools whose employees are paid by Novopay.

Three fifths of respondents (60%) said they were satisfied with the 'overall quality of service delivery from Education Payroll'. This was up for the second survey in a row; up 6% from Quarter 2 and 9% from Quarter 1.

Just under half of respondents (48%) agreed with statement "Education Payroll made it easy for me to handle my payroll issues". This improved 8% from Quarter 2, and 11% from Quarter 1.

Novopay Online stood out as having measures that have not significantly improved with some of them having marginally declined.

The survey of a random sample of users is being undertaken by UMR each quarter with specific questions relating to the service provided and also to seek feedback on areas for continuous improvement.

The next quarter of the survey will be undertaken in late November/early December.