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Novopay News October 21 2016

Welcome to the new edition of Novopay News

This edition has some tips, tricks and frequently asked questions to help you work through End of Year. There is also a reminder about processing times for the Labour Day public holiday and the Ministry has provided a reminder about changes for annualised staff which are being processed in pay period 15. There's also some good news about the availability of the self paced learning modules for Start of Year.


Mathew Gordon, Manager, School Account Teams Education Payroll Ltd

End of Year (EoY) tips and tricks

The EoY screens are now open so we are all working hard to help you get your processing done before they close on November 28.

We know that this time of year is busy for you, and you won't necessarily have all the information you need to complete the End of Year screen until later. But did you know you don't need to complete EoY all at once? You can go into the screen, update the information you have, save the information, and return later on. We encourage you to do this so you are comfortable with how the screen works and are completing the information as you go - not rushing at the end.

If you need any help with End Of Year please contact your dedicated Payroll Officer - have your queue number and MoE number handy before you call.

Completing NOVO forms

Please take extra care filling in your Novopay forms accurately so they can be processed without delay. If a form contains errors or is missing information, the Novopay Service Centre will return it to you, which may cause delays in processing payroll instructions for your employees.

Each time you need to complete a form, download and save a new copy from the Forms page of the Novopay website. This ensures that you use the latest version.

You do not need to print the form off, sign it (or get it signed), then scan it to send to us. Your authorised user email address works like a signature so you can just send in the completed digital version.

IMPORTANT: Forms must be completed using Adobe Reader. Before you start filling in a form, save it to your desktop or another location on your computer. If you do not save the form before filling it in you will lose your data and will have to start again.

Click here for more information about completing NOVO forms.

Selecting employees before entering data in the End of Year screen

Before you enter data in the End of Year screen in Novopay Online, you must first select the employees you want to change. You do this in the "Select Employee(s) to change" screen.

This screen displays up to 50 employees at a time. Although these employees are displayed in alphabetical order, they are not the first 50 employees of your school by alphabetical order. The system retrieves any 50 employees of your school, and then sorts those employees in alphabetical order on the screen.

For this reason, we recommend that when selecting employees to update, you select and make changes to one employee group at a time, e.g. Teachers Fixed Term, Term Time Auto Paid, etc., as this will make it easier to manage your employee updates in the End of Year screen.

For step-by-step instructions to enter data into the End of Year screen, visit the Novopay website.

Terminations in EoY screen

Terminating employees in the End of Year screen will remove them from your payroll.

If you have used the EoY screen to process your termination DO NOT also send a Novo6 form unless their last day of duty has changed from the date you entered online.

If you are uncertain about whether the termination has been submitted you can re-run your End of Year report and check that the change has been recorded.

There are some terminations you cannot process in the EoY screens and you will need to submit a Novo6 form. These are:

  • Retirement
  • Medical Retirement
  • Redundancy
  • Fixed Term teachers transferring to another school

Golden rule - process by either Novopay Online or by form - NEVER both!

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I terminate an employee, and when do I enter a last day of duty?

Last year, we found a number of employees were being terminated when they should have had their last day of duty entered instead. Getting this wrong has an effect on an employee's holiday pay and when it is due. Please check the End of Year instructions for an explanation of when last day of duty and terminations should be applied, and what you should do in Novopay Online.

What do I enter for a term time only employee who finishes before the end of term 4 date, but starts again next year?

Last day of duty within 14 Calendar days of school end date

If their last day of duty is within 14 calendar days of the school's end date, then enter a last day of duty in the End of Year screen.

Last day of duty more than 14 Calendar days before school end date and returning to the same job

If their last day of duty is more than 14 calendar days before the school's end date, and they are returning to the same job in 2017, then book leave without pay to cover the period from their last day at the school to the school's term four end date. In this case, you will not need to enter their last day of duty in the EoY screen, as the school's term four end date will become their last day of duty.

Last day of duty more than 14 Calendar days before school end date and returning to a new job

If their last day of duty is more than 14 calendar days before the school's end date, and they are returning to a new job in 2017, then do not enter a last day of duty in the EoY screen. Instead, treat them as a termination. Complete a NOVO6 to terminate their 2016 job and a NOVO1nt form to restart them in their new job.

What happens if I enter a termination date early?

Once you have terminated an employee in the EoY screen, any changes for that employee, including timesheets, will need to be reversed on a Novo6R form then re-submitted on a Novo6 form.

I put in the correct last day of duty for my staff but now I have run a report and it is showing a different date.

This is an automatic feature of the Novopay system and is in place to ensure holiday pay and re-starting pay in the new year is properly managed. Rest assured the correct last day of duty is still on record.

Is your end of Term 4 date a Friday?

If your school's Term 4 end date is a Friday, enter the following Sunday in the End of Term 4 field. This allows Novopay to pay teachers their salary up to the Sunday, and holiday pay from the Monday.

If the school's last day is entered as a Sunday, non-teachers who finish on the last day of school will be paid up to Friday, unless they are rostered to work the Saturday/Sunday. Their annual leave due will be booked from the Monday.

Labour Day - arrangements for stop pays

Monday, 24th October, is a national holiday, and we would like to remind you about what to do with Stop Pays. All requests must be submitted on a NOVO31 before 10am on Tuesday 25th October. Please put STOP PAY as your subject line in the email so we can recognise it quickly and act on it.

Ministry Pay Period 15 Reminder

On 15 September 2016, the Ministry of Education advised schools of the Employment Court decision regarding pay for annualised staff on collective agreements and the steps being taken to implement that decision.

In your Draft SUE, you may notice some differences in the pay of your annualised support staff on Collective Agreements (CAs) and support staff on Individual Employment Agreements who have chosen to move from 27 pay periods to 26. These pay differences are related to the back pay and recalculation of these employees' pay. Please note that whether it is 26 pay dates or 27, the total pay over the annualisation year will be the same.

The Ministry recommends that you take the opportunity to remind staff of this change to their pay for this pay period, and for the remainder of the annualisation period for employees on CA's. Below are the links to the two flyers that were made available to employees on 15 September 2016 if they wish to remind themselves of these changes.

Individual Employment Agreement Employees

Collective Agreement Employees

Getting Ready for Start of Year

We've had a few inquiries about Start of Year - especially given the dates are later than usual this year. To help you start getting ready we are making the self-paced learning modules available earlier than planned, on October 24th. So if your End of Year preparations are going well, or if you are waiting for more information before you can progress you can make a start on getting ready for Start of Year from next week.

Why are the SOY screens opening on 14 December and not earlier?

We have to do all the processing for PP19 before we can open the Start of Year screen. We need to finish holiday pay processes before we can open the screen so that you will have all the information you need to make your changes and additions for staff returning to work in the new year.