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Kia Ora,

With the school holidays upon us it is a good time to catch up on some housekeeping which is the subject of this edition's Handy Hint to ensure that all changes with school employees have been recorded. Also as I mentioned in the June 30 issue this is a good time to terminate staff whose occupancy has ended in June and July.

We feature an article on the improvements we have made to NOL in managing allowances which mean you will have to lodge fewer Novo 31 forms and which will ensure your school's funding comes from the correct funding allocation. Finally, we have some good advice on Statements of Service.

Noho ora mai

Mathew Gordon, School Account Team Manager

Novopay Online changes - allowances

Often schools when working on Novopay Online have had to send a form to the pay centre to correct allowances that either stopped being paid or stopped being paid from the correct funding and department. We have worked on improvement to NOL to correct this.

These improvements will mean that instances of allowances either stopping from being paid completely, or not being paid from the correct funding/department will reduce. As a result you will no longer need to send forms to the pay centre to correct these errors. Here are the changes:

New display field in Novopay Online.

When you log into NOL and access the Employee changes> Teaching Unit/Payment Allowance/Allowance Change region to manage allowances paid to teachers it is now displayed as in the screen shot below.

Error messages displayed in Novopay Online

When adding an allowance to an employee's account, if the allowance needs to be paid from different funding to the salary you will be presented with an error message advising that you will need to process the new allowance by sending a form to the pay centre.

Alternatively if you are attempting, in Novopay Online, to change the funding that a salary is being paid from, and there will be current allowances that cannot be paid from this new funding, an error message will be presented advising that you will need to process this change by sending a form to the pay centre. An example of the error message is provided below.

Salary assessment applications and statement of service

Statements of Service are required when claiming for previous service credits for time worked that is not in a New Zealand state or state integrated school.

Statements of Service for previous teaching experience and relevant work experience being claimed require specific information. Without the required information service credits are unable to be calculated accurately and the salary assessment application cannot be finalised.

To accurately calculate the amount of time to be credited, the Salary Assessment Unit needs to know exactly how long someone has worked and whether this role was full time or part time. Service credits are calculated to the exact number of hours, days, weeks, months and years worked, so it is very important that accurate dates and hours worked are provided.

All statements of service must contain the following:

  • Be on letterhead
  • Be signed by the writer and be written by either the employer, or a supervisor in the company.
  • Have an exact start date with a day, month and year
  • Have an exact end date with a day, month and year.
  • Advise if the work was full time or part time
  • If part time or casual, must state either hours per week or total hours or total days worked Description of service
  • Must be certified correctly (if not sending the original).

Statements must be written after the service is completed. A statement advising of a future resignation date is not acceptable, although service may be applied up to the date of the letter if this is confirmed in writing by the applicant.

Payroll advisor profile - Meet Lachlan

Lachlan has been with Education Payroll for three years and he is based in the Christchurch office working in School Account Team 10. Prior to Education Payroll he was the grave shift manager for Answer Services, a company that provided call centre support for dozens of companies. He also worked in the Signature Security call centre.

He has a rich portfolio of schools. He supports 26, largely secondary, including two university schools of education, three special needs schools, and New Zealand's biggest school - Rangitoto College. Even though he is Christchurch based most of his schools are in Auckland Taupo, Napier and Wellington.

"I have a very good rapport with my schools. We talk about things way beyond payroll such as what is happening in their school and social things. At first I was pretty apprehensive about working with North Island schools but they are a pretty easy bunch to work with and I wouldn't trade them for anything."

"Because of our good rapport I like to go the extra mile for all my schools."

Relaxing outside work Lachlan enjoys spending time with his two nieces and helping out on the family farm. He owns a prize winning Black Angus stud bull called "Conan" who he rents out to cattle farmers. He play lawn bowls in summer and is keen motorcyclist.

Handy Hint: Time for some housekeeping

Do you sometimes get interrupted and leave this section without completing your changes? This may result in an employee's record being locked for any further changes.

My School tab > Employment Changes > Employee Changes

The category page is displayed and you can continue making changes or CANCEL to remove any changes no longer required.