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A message from Education Payroll Services

Welcome to the latest edition of the Novopay News.

This week you'll see we've updated information on the Novopay website about payroll record keeping and instructions, new appointments, and retirement savings. We've also created a quick reference guide to help you determine whether you can perform certain payroll tasks in Novopay Online (NOL) or whether you need to use a NOVO form.

With Easter is just around the corner we remind you about Easter Tuesday entitlements for non teaching staff, including details from relevant employment agreements, and the treatment of Southland Anniversary Day, which coincides with Easter Tuesday this year.

Finally, we've updated the NOVO1(t/nt) and NOVO4 forms for clarity and accuracy. Remember to always visit the website for up-to-date forms and fill them in electronically wherever possible to ensure you are using the most current version.

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Deb Moran
Associate Deputy Secretary
Education Payroll Service

Easter and Southland Anniversary Day entitlements for non-teaching employees

This is a reminder that non teaching employees may not have an entitlement to Easter Tuesday. Fifty-two week non teaching employees who are also eligible for Southland Anniversary Day are only entitled to one day (Southland Anniversary Day) not two (Anniversary Day and Easter Tuesday).

We have included links to the relevant employment agreements below for clarification:

Caretakers and Cleaners
Support Staff

A reminder for employees with a Special Tax Code

This is a reminder that employees with a Special Tax Code (STC) must update their tax code with Inland Revenue and Novopay before the end of the tax year. If their code is not updated or renewed they will automatically default to a No Declaration (ND) tax rate of 46.45%.

For more information, please refer to the 27 February 2015 edition of the Novopay News.

NOVO1t/nt and NOVO4 form updates

We have made some minor changes to the NOVO1t/nt and NOVO4 forms this week.

The tax code selection fields on the NOVO1t/nt and the NOVO4 forms have been updated for the 2015 tax year. The NOVO4 has also been updated to highlight mandatory fields more clearly. To ensure you're using the most up-to-date version, please visit the Forms page of the Novopay website and fill in forms electronically when possible. Remember to save each form to your desktop first before filling in.

The NOVO4 instructions for special tax codes have been updated too. When sending a Special Tax Code or Deduction Rate Certificate IR23 with a NOVO4 form to the Novopay Service Centre, a certified copy is not required.

Please remember the employee requesting a tax code change must complete and sign an IR330 form to authorise the change. The employee's signature on the NOVO4 form is not adequate authorisation.

For more information, please visit the Payroll record keeping section of the Novopay website.

Novopay website content

We continue to progress our programme of website enhancements to improve the information and guidelines available to schools. This week you will see some new content available on the Novopay website.

New appointment pages (found under the 'How to' tab)
In the New appointment section, we provide instructions to ensure you provide the right information to Novopay in order to pay new employees correctly from their first day.

Retirement savings pages (found under the 'How to' tab)
The Retirement savings pages give instructions for providing KiwiSaver information to the Novopay Service Centre for new and existing employees.

Payroll record keeping pages (found under the 'How to' tab)
The Payroll record keeping pages explain retention requirements for pay records.

Enter payroll instructions page (found under 'How to' tab > Fortnightly pay)
The Enter payroll instructions page describes Novopay authorised users' responsibilities when entering payroll instructions.

New Novopay Online or form? quick reference guide
In response to requests from schools, we have developed a new quick reference guide to help you quickly identify whether a payroll instruction can be entered in Novopay Online, or if a form is required. This guide is available from the Home page and the Tools to help you section.

Web structure changes
To further simplify the structure of the website, the Service Centre and Best practice tabs have been removed. As content has been written over the past months, the information from these tabs has moved into other sections, or has been archived. Refer to the How to section in the first instance, or use the Search function in the top right corner of the home page.

Website feedback
To assist with the ongoing development of the Novopay website, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please use the Feedback link at the bottom of the Novopay website's home page to tell us what you think.

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If you are a Novopay Authorised User, and would like to update your email address, please download and complete a NOVO5 form and post it to the Novopay Service Centre. If you are no longer a Novopay Authorised User, please download and complete a NOVO5c form and post it to the Novopay Service Centre. It can take up to two weeks to process these changes. We thank you for your patience.