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24 April 2015

A message from Education Payroll Services

Welcome to the latest edition of the Novopay News.

In this edition of the News we provide an update about the Superannuation Reconciliation Project and information about Collective Agreement increases for Caretakers and Cleaners in PP04.

The Training Services team has developed new training, starting 4 May 2015, about record keeping best practices and keeping your school's employee and pay information safe.

Finally, we're excited to announce our involvement in the Canterbury Education Services (CES) and Schools Executive Officers' (SEO) conferences again this year. The CES conferences, starting in May, are being held in Dunedin, Hamilton, Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland, and the SEO conference is being held in Hamilton from 8-10 July. We look forward to seeing you there.

Happy reading

Deb Moran

Associate Deputy Secretary
Education Payroll Service

Superannuation Reconciliation Project Update

The Superannuation Reconciliation Project identifies superannuation scheme members who have had over or under deducted employee and/or employer contributions since Novopay went live in 2012.

State Sector Retirement Savings Scheme (SSRSS) members were the first group to be identified and contacted by the Superannuation Reconciliation Project team last month. Affected SSRSS members who want to reimburse their missing deductions must return their completed reimbursement forms by Sunday 26 April 2015.

This week the Superannuation Reconciliation Project team began contacting affected Teachers Retirement Savings Scheme (TRSS) members who have been affected by incorrect superannuation deductions. Like SSRSS members, these employees have the opportunity to reimburse any missing deductions to their superannuation scheme, if they wish to do so.

Members of KiwiSaver schemes will be addressed in the next stage of the project.

For more information about the superannuation reconciliation process, including fact sheet and FAQs, please visit the Novopay website.

Affected members of either SSRSS or TRSS schemes who need assistance with the reimbursement process can email the Superannuation Reconciliation Project team at

School Caretakers' and Cleaners' (including Canteen workers) Collective Agreement Base Rate Increase in PP04

The new School Caretakers' and Cleaners' (including Canteen workers) Collective Agreement is payable effective 1 April 2015. This means a base rate increase will be automatically applied to individuals covered by the Collective Agreement (CA).

Employees receiving a Salary Loading (SALLO) or Salary Loading - Paid on Extra Hours (SALLT) allowance will have their base salary increased to the new rate, but their allowance will be decreased by the same amount.

If the combined current salary and current SALLO or SALLT is less than the new salary, the employee's base rate will be increased and the allowance ceased.

To increase the salary for these employees please complete a Pay Details Change for Non-Teachers form (NOVO2nt) and submit to the Service Centre.

This payment will be processed in PP04, on 13 May 2015, from your school's operational grant funding.

For employees on IEAs based on this CA, please complete a NOVO22nt form (Annual Increment/Individual Employment Agreement Pay Change for Non-Teachers) and submit it to the Novopay Service Centre. Increases for these employees will also be processed starting in PP04 and onwards as received by the Novopay Service Centre.

Good Payroll Practice e-workshop starting 4 May 2015

Training Services have developed a brand new e-workshop that will help you learn more about record keeping, information security and the annual school audit process.

This course covers:

. Legal requirements for record keeping

. Important hints and tips on file management

. Guidelines to ensure you have appropriate security measures in place for confidential personal and pay information

. Information about the School Annual Accrual Report (SAAR).

Sessions start 4 May 2015. You can book online at the Training Services website using your personal Training Services username/password. If you no longer have your username/password, these can be emailed to you via links on the login page.

You will receive booking confirmation via email. Please follow any further instructions you receive.

For booking assistance, please contact the Training Services team at or on 04 463 0928.

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