News for School Payroll Staff

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With ANZAC day occurring on Tuesday 25 April this will impact on some pay dates so please see our lead story. There are also stories on replying via a closed ticket and booking time sheets in NoL We have included a link to some very helpful tools regarding managing timesheets on the website.

Our handy hints column in this issue is about getting the most out of your SUE reports.

Wishing everyone a very happy and safe Easter.

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Mathew Gordon, School Account Team Manager

ANZAC Day effect on pay processing - PP 201802

Please note with ANZAC day falling on Tuesday 25 April, pay day will now be on the Tuesday morning. There is no change to the first draft SUE - Thursday 20 April but there will be no second draft SUE. Stop pay cut-off will be 11am on the Monday morning.

Replying via a closed ticket

Unfortunately we do not get any notification when a school replies to a 'Closed' ticket. The issue that can be created when you reply to a closed ticket is that there is potential for Under or Overpayments to occur as your instruction is unlikely to be received correctly. Therefore, it is important that you phone your Payroll Advisor at Novopay or send a Novo31 if you are needing to change something on a closed ticket. Refer to the original ticket number on the Novo31 but please do not reply to a closed ticket.

Booking timesheets in NoL

We are getting a few calls about booking timesheets through NoL and errors that are coming up. This is occurring when the schools are trying to book timesheets with a date range that covers a time when the employee has had a pay rate change.

Please remember when booking timesheets for an employee who's pay rate has recently been changed, the date range will need to be split the between the old pay rate and the new pay rate. For an example, If an employee who has received the minimum wage increase effective 01/04/2017 and the period worked spans this date the timesheet will need to be booked up to 31/01/2017 and then a separate timesheet entry from 01/04/2017.

Timesheet help

There are valuable references on the website to help you with timesheets. Firstly, there is a one page quick reference guide on timesheets and a particularly useful step-by-step PDF guide with a visual display of the Novopay Online screenshots. Click here.

Start of year Novopay online screens

We would like to advise you that the Start of Year Novopay Online screens are now closed. They will open again when the next SoY period begins later in the year.

Holiday pay reduction for teachers (HPR)

If a teacher takes unpaid leave during a school term, a holiday pay reduction may be needed. At the beginning of each vacation period, required holiday pay reductions are calculated for all teachers who have taken a period of unpaid leave during the term just completed. In some instances, further holiday pay reductions are required resulting from prior terms. The holiday pay reduction will be made from the employee's pay that falls over that vacation period. As each sector has its own set of HPR calculation rules to help you find the relevant sections we have created a table below for more information.

Handy Hint

Staff usage and expenditure (SUE) report

The Staff Usage and Expenditure (SUE) report is generated as an output of a pay run. It shows the gross pay details of a school's employees in a pay period. Three versions of the SUE report are generated in a pay cycle, as shown in this table:


The draft SUE reports allow administrators and principals to check details and correct pay errors before each pay run. After the pay is run, the final SUE report forms part of the school's accounting records.


This report can be downloaded as either a CSV file or a PDF file.

These display slightly different information as follows:

  • The CSV version contains Department/Funding Detail, and a totals summary.This provides an easy format to check draft SUE reports using a spreadsheet program e.g. Excel, to identify pay errors.
  • The PDF version provides data in a printable format, and forms part of the school's financial records. The only difference between the data in the PDF and CSV versions is the inclusion of the Employee Summary in the PDF version, which can be used to see the total pay for each employee.


Only school-wide administrators and principals can access this report.

The Ministry of Education strongly recommends that the person who checks the SUE reports is independent of any changes made.

Download the report

  1. Download the SUE report in Novopay Online using the following menu path:My Reporting tab > School Reports > Staff Usage and Expenditure (SUE)
  2. Select the end date of the period you want to view.
  3. Click file format (PDF or CSV) that you would like to download.

Reading the report

The SUE reports have three sections, as follows:

  • Employee Summary

- Note: The Employee Summary is only available in the PDF version of the report.

This displays the SUE data alphabetically by employee surname. The detail of an employee's gross pay is consolidated by pay code for each job. This helps you to quickly scan for amounts that stand out as being incorrect.

If you need more detail on the transactions that make up each line in the Employee Summary, refer to the Department/Funding Detail section of the report.

  • Department/Funding Detail

The Department/Funding Detail section uses the same data as the Employee Summary, but displays it by the funding code (e.g. MoE Teachers' Salaries, Bulk Grant, Other) and the department code (e.g. Music, Special needs staffing, etc.) within your school that the payments are applied to. This section gives a line-by-line description of staff usage and expenditure by pay code.

  • Year-to-date totals summary

At the end of the report is a table showing payments from all funds for each pay period in the current financial year. The current pay period is the last row in the table. The amount in the Direct Debit column is the amount that will be debited from the school's bank account on pay day. In some circumstances, this may be a credit.

The adjustment summary below the year-to-date totals summary will only show detail in exceptional circumstances.

This table describes some of the columns in the SUE reports:

Key tasks

  • Check the 1st draft SUE report as soon as it is available on the Thursday before pay day to ensure that employees will be paid correctly in the current pay period
  • If errors are found, correct these either via form or in Novopay Online before the cut-off times
  • Check the 2nd draft SUE report on the Monday before pay day to ensure that errors have been corrected
  • Check the final SUE report and action stop pays, if required, before 10 am on Tuesday. Download the PDF version of the final SUE report
  • A signed copy must be kept as part of your financial records.


It is recommended that you keep a, checked and signed, PDF version of final SUE reports until the year's financial audit is completed.

To meet legal requirements, SUE reports must be kept for seven years.

Note: SUE reports for the past 15 months can be downloaded from Novopay Online. For older versions, contact the Novopay Service Centre.