News for School Payroll Staff

Kia Ora,

In this issue our first story is on two collective agreement changes coming up soon.

Mat Gordon, previously the School's Account Team Manager has moved on to a new role outside of EPL and we welcome Donna Delaney who has taken up this position. Please see our second story.

The End-of-Year and Start-of-Year is coming up soon and we have been busy getting prepared for it. In the next issue of Novopay News we will be talking about the resources available to you and the timetable for key dates and events throughout this period.

Our Handy Hint in this issue is one we published earlier this year on Pay Ending Reports. With the end of the year approaching fast this is one that you can use to keep on top of staff movements.

Noho ora mai.

Raychel Comerford, Acting School Account Team Manager

Collective changes in pay period 14

There are two new collective agreements coming up in pay period 14 - pay day 11 October 2017. These agreements are:

  • Support Staff in Schools Collective Agreement. The term of this collective agreement is 16 June 2017 to 15 July 2019. IEA Promulgated 22 August 2017
  • Kaiarahi I te Reo, therapists', ATSSD and Special Education Assistants Collective agreement. The term of this collective agreement is 16 June 2017 to 15 July 2019. IEA Promulgated 22 August 2017.

Please note that the Novo22nt forms that you are sending in for those employees who have signed the new IEA on or after 22 August 2017 will be placed on hold until we update the new rates in the payroll. For all employees who have been union members since 16 June 2017 pay rates will be updated and back pay processed for them automatically.

Do not send through Novo22nt's for these employees as we cannot process union payments off this form.

New school account team manager

In August Education Payroll's schools' account team manager, Mat Gordon, moved on to a new role. We are very sorry to lose Mat who has been instrumental in enabling Education Payroll to establish the School Account Teams and putting the schools back at the heart of what we do. This has contributed positively to the service we deliver to schools and our increase in customer satisfaction numbers.

Donna Delaney has been appointed into the position Manager, Schools' Account Teams. Donna will be joining EPL on 28 August from the payroll provider AMS where she is their service manager providing outsource services for multiple clients including some large Government agencies and District Health Boards.

Prior to this Donna worked at Datacom as a payroll systems consultant and as the group manager, Employment Information Systems at the New Zealand Post Group, so she has experience of a large complex payroll and big teams. She will be a great addition to the Education Payroll and the School Account Teams and we are very excited that she is joining us.

ACC Annual levy to be deducted on 5 September

We will be deducting your ACC annual levy invoice from your school's bank account on 5 September.

To access the invoice log into NOL and go to the "My Reporting" tab and choose ACC EoY (invoice to schools) and select the 2017 invoice. The 2017 ACC annual levy is based on net leviable earnings. Please ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover this deduction.

Survey - how did 2016/17 EoY/SoY go for you?

Education Payroll has a consumer advisory group of 54 schools around the country that it regularly approaches for advice on issues to do with Novopay and communications to ensure they best meet the needs of schools.

With the end of the school year approaching we have been surveying the advisory group about their experience with last year's End-of-Year (EoY)and Start-of-year (SoY) to find out what went well and what could be improved. About a quarter of the group have got back to us with most saying that they used the EoY/SoY timelines, instructions and self-paced learning modules. Feedback about the support of Education Payroll's payroll advisers was also positive.

There were some concerns with the lack of feedback on NoL, manipulating the screen to get all the information and why SoY did not start earlier.

Tickets and the daily transaction report

Please remember that the daily transaction report that is emailed holds data for the last three pay periods only. Beyond that you will need to maintain your own records of any outstanding tickets.

Payroll Advisor Profile - meet Jonathan

Jonathan has worked for Education Payroll for nearly three years. Prior to that he was with Tower Investments for 20 years working in managed funds, superannuation and life insurance and before that, financial services and banking.

Taking up the payroll advisor role was a challenge at first he says. It was quite different from previous roles he has held and involved absorbing the many technical details of payroll systems. "It was a steep learning curve but I enjoyed it."

Jonathan also enjoys working with his 25 schools which are based around Auckland and are mostly primary schools. "They are great schools," he says "we have a good relationship and I like having that one-on-one contact with them."

He is married and has an adult son and daughter. In the weekends when he is not having to mow a large area of lawns, and doing garden maintenance, Jonathan relaxes listening to a wide range of music especially rock with a little bit of country.

Handy Hint Time to tidy up your payroll database? The Pay Ending report

The Pay Ending report shows employees whose job is due to end in the next 90 days, and who will not be paid after the job end date shown.

It also shows employees who have left your school, but who have not been terminated.


Use the Pay Ending report to see whose job end date is within the next 90 days. The job end date is the end date loaded in Novopay for an employee's position. Take the required action for them, as follows:


The report can be downloaded at any time, as required.

It is recommended that you check this regularly, e.g. when checking SUE reports. (Fortnightly)

Download the report

1. Download the Pay Ending report in Novopay Online using the following menu path:

My School > Employment Changes > Employee Changes

2. Select Start of Year in the Change Category field on the School Selection screen.

3. Click Pay Ending Report to download the report.