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24 October 2014

A message from Education Payroll Services

As you are aware, the management of the schools' payroll service transferred to a new Government-owned company, Education Payroll Limited (EPL), on Friday 17 October 2014. The move is a positive change, signalling a fresh start in ensuring school employees are paid accurately and on time.

The new structure will enable us to build on enhancements already made and provide a platform for ongoing improvements. Ministry and EPL staff are committed to working closely and collaboratively to achieve this.

It is still going to take time to resolve some of the school payroll issues you have been experiencing but we remain committed to building on service improvements made over the past year, and our focus remains on managing the End of Year/Start of Year (EoY/SoY) process at this time.

Speaking of EoY/SoY, EoY screens open right after Labour Day, on Tuesday 28 October 2014. In this edition of the newsletter we provide more tips to help you prepare and enter your school's data to complete EoY/SoY successfully. We also remind you of improvements we've made to some frequently used NOVO forms.

Finally, don't forget that the cut-off for Bank Stops in PP16 has been changed to 11am on 28 October 2014, due to the public holiday.

Happy Reading

Rebecca Elvy
Associate Deputy Secretary, Education Payroll Services

EoY/SoY: Tips and important reminders

The EoY screens will be open from Tuesday 28 October 2014. If you haven't already, now is the time to download the End of Year instructions and start making end of year changes for your employees. You will need to complete your end of year processing, including submitting any forms, by 19 November 2014.

Forms: Improvements and important reminders

With EoY/SoY just around the corner, we've updated some frequently used NOVO forms to make them easier for you to complete now and throughout the year. The forms we have updated are the NOVO1t/nt, NOVO2t/nt, NOVO5/5c, NOVO16t, NOVO29 and NOVO33. 

 All updated forms have three changes in common:

. Mandatory fields have been flagged with a red asterisk (*) making it clear which fields you must complete
. Help text is built into these forms so it's right there when you need it. There is no need to download a separate instructions document.
. Links to payroll codes on the forms take you directly to the relevant page on the Novopay website when you click on them. This will make finding the information you need faster and easier.

For more details, please visit the Novopay website.

Completing NOVO forms

Take extra care filling in your Novopay forms accurately so they can be processed without delay. If a form contains errors or missing information, the Novopay Service Centre will return it to you, which may cause delays in processing payroll instructions for your employees.

Each time you need to complete a form, download a new copy from the Forms page of the Novopay website. This ensures that you use the latest version.

IMPORTANT: Forms must be completed using Adobe Reader. Before you start filling in a form, save it to your desktop or other location on your computer. This ensures that the information you type into the form will be saved.

Click here for information about completing NOVO forms.


The 2015 NOVO23nt (Annualisation) form is now available

The 2015 version of the NOVO23nt form will be available on the Novopay website from Tuesday 28 October 2014. 

Please use this form to instruct the Novopay Service Centre to set up annualisation for term time only employees employed under the Support Staff Collective Agreement.

To ensure timely processing, please send annualisation instructions to the Novopay Service Centre as early as possible, ideally before Christmas, but definitely prior to PP23 (starting 21 January 2015).

Correctly completed forms will be processed as they are received.

Selecting employees before entering data in the End of Year screen

Before you enter data in the End of Year screen in Novopay Online, you must first select the employees you want to change. You will do this in the Select Employee(s) to change screen. This screen displays up to 50 employees at a time. Although these employees are displayed in alphabetical order, they are not the first 50 employees of your school by alphabetical order.

The system retrieves any 50 employees of your school, and then sorts the 50 selected employees in alphabetical order on the screen.

For this reason, we recommend that when selecting employees to update, you select and make changes to one employee group at a time, e.g. Teachers Fixed Term, Term Time Auto Paid, etc., as this will make it easier to manage your employee updates in the End of Year screen.

For step-by-step instructions to enter data into the End of Year screen, visit the Novopay website.

Reminder: Timesheet employees

To ensure Public Holiday payments for timesheet employees are accurate in PP20 (24 December 2014), please ensure you submit their data on time and as you receive it through PP18 and PP19 (12 November 2014 through 9 December 2014).

Reminder: Entering you school's Term four end date

If the last day your school is open for instruction in term four falls between Monday and Thursday, the date you enter in the Maintain term dates screen is the actual last day your school is open for instruction.
However, if the last day your school is open for instruction falls on a Friday, the date entered should be the following Sunday.

For example, if your school's last day of instruction for term four is Wednesday 17 December, you would enter 17 December.  But if your school's last day is Friday 19 December, you would enter Sunday 21 December. Only term four end dates that fall on a Friday should be extended to the following Sunday.

Kind regards

The Education Payroll Services team


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