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23 October 2015

Welcome to the latest edition of the Novopay News.

In this edition, we provide you with an update on End of Year / Start of Year (EoY/SoY).

We are pleased to announce you can now enter your End of Year data into the Novopay Online End of Year screens.

One of the biggest areas of feedback we received around PP19 last year was that it was difficult to understand how holiday pay had been calculated for different employees in various circumstances. We realise that this can be a complicated area, and so this year we have developed a Holiday Pay tool to help explain things better. There is a link provided to the tool in this newsletter.

We have added a new flyer, FAQs and Novo23nt form for annualisation to the Novopay website.

And based on your feedback, we've compiled a short list of questions and answers we received last year in respect of End of Year. We hope they help you for this year.

We will also be giving you a courtesy call during this period to ensure you're ok with how things are going.

If you need any assistance, remember we are here to help.

Mathew Gordon


Mathew Gordon
Manager Service Desk and Support Education Payroll Limited

Banking Staffing Adjustments Form has moved

The Request for Banking Staffing Adjustments Form has been moved to the Ministry of Education website and can be found at the following link:

End of Year (EoY) 2015 Update

EoY Novopay online screens are now live

You can now enter your End of Year data into the Novopay Online End of Year screens. Please remember, the deadline for submitting your End of Year data is 5pm on Tuesday 17 November.

TOP TIP! - We know that this time of year is busy for you, and you won't necessarily have all the information you need to complete the End of Year screen until later in November. But did you know you don't need to complete EoY all at once? You can go into the screen, update the information you have, save the information, and return later on. We encourage you to do this so you are comfortable with how the screen works and are completing the information as you go - not rushing at the end.

Remember to visit our End of Year Homepage for all the tools and support you need to complete your End of Year activity.

EoY Frequently Asked Questions

Maintaining School Term Dates

What end date do I enter in the 'Maintain School Term Dates' screen in Novopay Online?

End dates for schools vary. Enter the date of the last day your school is open for instruction for term four, unless this is a Friday. If your school's last day of term four is a Friday, the end date needs to be entered as the following Sunday to ensure teachers are paid for the full week. Please refer to the End of Year 2015 Guide for more information.

Last Day of Duty and Termination

When do I terminate an employee, and when do I enter a last day of duty?

Last year, we found that a number of employees were being terminated when they should have had their last day of duty entered instead. Getting this wrong has an effect on an employee's holiday pay and when it is due. Pages 9-12 of the End of Year 2015 Guide explain when last day of duty and terminations should be applied, and what you should do in Novopay Online.

What do I enter for a term time only employee who finishes before the end of term four date, but starts again next year?

If their last day of duty (LDD) is within 14 days of the school's end date, then enter a last day of duty in the End of Year screen.

If their LDD is more than 14 days prior to the school's end date, and they are returning to the same job in 2016, then book leave without pay to cover the period from their last day at the school to the school's term four end date. In this case, you will not need to enter their LDD in the EoY screen, as the school's term four end date will become their last day of duty.

If their LDD is more than 14 days prior to the school's end date, and they are returning to a new job in 2016, then do not enter a last day of duty in the EoY screen. Instead, treat them as a termination. Complete a NOVO6 to terminate their 2015 job and complete a NOVO1nt form to restart them in their new job.

In previous years, I've had to terminate term time only employees who finish before the end of the school year, but come back in the New Year. Is there a way around that?

If they are ceasing their current job and restarting in a new job they must be terminated and restarted. If they are continuing in the same job you may not need to terminate them. Check out page 9 and 10 of End of Year 2015 Guide for more information about entering their LDD or LWOP.

What happens if I enter a termination date early?

Once you have terminated an employee in the EoY screen, any changes for that employee, including timesheets, will need to be submitted on a Novo form.

PP19 Holiday Pay Tool

The Tool is a 'filter' where you choose some inputs (Employee Type, Action for 2015/16, Start and End Dates for 2015) and the Holiday Pay explanation comes up on the screen with examples where relevant.

You can access the tool here. We would love to know what you think - please reply to this email to let us know.

Annualisation Forms

The 2016 Annualisation Agreement for Non-Teachers form (NOVO23nt) is available from here. It replaces the 2015 version.

Use the 2016 Annualisation Agreement to annualise the pay of permanent or fixed-term non-teaching staff who are entitled to be annualised under the Support Staff in Schools' Collective Agreement and who want to annualise their pay.

A normal salary year is 26 pay periods. Every 11 years there are 27 periods and this is happening in 2017. This is because 26 fortnightly pay periods only cover 364 days in a year, not 365 (or 366 in Leap Years). Those extra one or two days add up to create an additional pay period every 11 years.

You will notice that the new NOVO23nt covers 54 weeks and 27 pay periods, rather than the usual 52 weeks and 26 pay periods.

For example:

$50,000 / 26 fortnights = $1923.08 for 2015

$50,000 / 27 fortnights = $1851.85 for 2016

Important: If an annualised employee is an authorised user, you must send their NOVO23nt form to the Novopay Service Centre before their start date in 2016, or they will not be able to access Novopay Online in 2016.

We have also created an Annualisation Flyer containing key information about annualisation, available here.

Frequently asked questions are available here.