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I hope everyone had a happy and safe Easter.

In this issue our lead stories are about the change to the ANZAC pay date and some important changes coming up for principals' pay.

We are running a new series called "Improving the Payroll" about Education Payroll's initiatives for further improvements. In this issue we look at how one of our School Account Teams is making sure that everyone gets the best use out of NoL for managing Novo12s - leave bookings.

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Mathew Gordon, School Account Team Manager

ANZAC Day affect on pay processing - PP 201802

Because ANZAC day falls on Tuesday 25 April, pay day will now be on the Tuesday morning. There is no change to the first draft SUE - Thursday 20 April but there will be no second draft SUE. Stop pay cut-off will be 11am on the Monday morning. Please ensure that your school has the appropriate funds available for the earlier ANZAC Day pay date.

Changes to principals' pay

Some significant changes to principals' salaries are occurring over the next few months. Principals' confirmed salaries as of 1 March roles will be actioned in PP02, i.e. pay day 26 April 2017, and they will be back dated to 28 January 2017. For primary and secondary principals the second tranche pay increase - effective 2 May 2017 - is going though in PP03 i.e. pay day 10 May 2017. All principals on the current collective agreement or individual employment agreements will be automatically updated. Area principal's second tranche pay increase - effective 2 June 2017- is going through in PP05, i.e. pay day 7 June 2017. All the principals on the current collective agreement, or individual employment agreements, will be automatically updated. All acting principals will also have their pays reviewed to be in-line with the new pay rates and school roles at the same time.

New reporting for RTLB schools

From PP03 onwards, you may notice we have made some changes in the "School Reports" menu in Novopay Online for RTLB schools - "Banking Staffing RTLB". This resource is solely for the schools with RTLB status. If you are not such a school please ignore this menu heading. If you do click on it and are a non RTLB school you will get an error message.

Important ACC reminders

If you have employees who are on ACC, please complete and submit a NOVO12 form with "Attention ACC Team" in the subject line. It is very important that their leave is processed on time to prevent complications that may arise between all parties involved in the claim management. If you receive an ACC form, for example, ACC3, ACC72, ACC38 and are unsure what to do with them, send them through via with "Attention ACC Team"in the subject line. This will ensure that correct payments are processed and paid to your employee. Where your employees were on ACC claim and will return after the term one break, let us know by submitting a request in NSDA, or contacting your payroll adviser. If you have employees who have returned at reduced hours, due to an ACC rehabilitation plan, submit a request in NSDA or contact your payroll adviser.

Improving the payroll:

Making better use of NoL for Novo12s

In October last year, Education Payroll staff in one of our school account teams wondered why when a quarter of Novo12s leave bookings could be completed online many of their schools were not using it. For example, in PP22 47% of their schools were not using online to process Novo12s.

The leader of the team says when they started ringing around their schools they often did not know how much of Novo12 could be done on line, or weren't confident of doing so when in many cases they had had a bad experience due to technical issues.

She says since PP22 her school account team staff have been working with schools with low online use of Novo 12s with additional training and support. They have since seen a dramatic drop in schools not sending NOVO12 Forms and instead using NoL. For example, in PP23 NOVO12 forms fell to 31% and in PP26 to a new low of just 12%.

With this great result they are investigating at how NoL can pick up more leave management capability. For example, they are working out the process where it can capture applications for study leave.

Mileage claim for relief teachers - use a NOVO15t

To make a mileage claim for relief teachers please use a NOVO15t or complete it online. Schools need to complete field 12 for any mileage claimed. However, make sure you read the instructions prior to doing this as the first 10 - 20 kms (depending on CA coverage) needs to be deducted first. If you don't complete the form correctly the teachers will be overpaid.

When entering the relief teacher's time using Novopay Online (NOL) there are no prompts for the mileage claim, so it is important that schools familiarise themselves with the Primary Teachers' Collective Agreement, clause 5.7. Click here. It also applies to both Area Schools Teachers' Collective Agreement. Click here. It also applies and Secondary Schools' Collective Agreement click here.

Payroll advisor profile

Meet Nick, originally from Essex in the UK. Nick has been working for Education Payroll since October 2016 and has been calling New Zealand home since September. Nick has over 10 years' payroll experience within the UK and currently looks after 50 plus schools, mostly in the lower North Island.

He is a keen motor sports fan, enjoys socialising with friends and follows Arsenal Football Club. Nick learnt a lot from the 2016/17 EOY/SOY period and he says the best thing about his job is working collaboratively with his payroll colleagues in schools.

Handy hints

Handy hint # 1: Tips for filling in a Novo2 form .

Novo2 forms are used for 'Pay Details changes'.

  • Change in hours
  • Change in Tenure
  • Retrospective date changes
  • Fixed Term employees changing contract end dates

Note: All other pay detail changes should be entered directly in to Novopay Online (NOL).

Filling in the form

It is important that you fill in the Novopay forms correctly, to ensure that they can be processed without delay.

If a form contains errors or missing information, it will be returned to you, which may cause delays in processing payroll instructions for employees.

  • Download a new copy from the Forms page each time you need to complete a form. (This ensures that you use the latest version).


  • Before filling in the form, save it to your desktop or other location on your computer. (This ensures that the information you type in the form will be saved).
  • You must complete all fields on the form that are marked with * (mandatory). (If you don't do this, the form will be returned to you).

Let's clarify 'Section D' .

This is easy if ALL of the job is being coded to 1 code = 100%

If your employee is part-time and their coding is split between two or more Department Codes then it takes a little more thinking about .

Important to remember that it is the percentage of that job that you enter in here. Regardless of the FTE (Full-time equivalent) hours the person is set up to.


Jo Bloggs is a teacher aide who works 30 hours per week (.75 FTE)

Jo's job is to be coded as;

  • 10 hours with Jimmy (34%) - 10hrs are 34% of the total of Jo's job.
  • 5 hours with Alex (16%) - 5hrs are 16% of the total of Jo's job.
  • 15 hours with Nikki (50%) - 15hrs are 50% of the total of Jo's job

Handy hint #2: Did you know that you can focus MyHR on a single staff members details in Novopay Online (NOL)?

My HR > My View

This 'Handy Hint' will help you access the 'MyHR' section in Novopay Online.

With 'MyHR' you can manage human resource information, including personal contact details, leave balance details and employment details for each of the employees at your school.