News for School Payroll Staff

Kia Ora,

A number of our payroll advisors have had feedback from schools' payroll staff regarding Kiwisaver. We have taken on board these suggestions and redesigned elements of our Novo 1 Forms. We tested the new form design with our consumer test group of 21 schools to fine tune and confirm the changes.

This sort of information from our colleagues in schools is very valuable. For example, we had very worthwhile feedback from the Wanganui "Administrators in Education Conference" in May and learnt a lot about the issues that concern school administrators.

In this issue we talk about area school principals' (PPTA and NZEI) second tranche pay increase, keeping track of Kiwisaver contributions, a reminder about ACC levy invoices, and a handy hint on pay ending reports.

Noho ora mai

Mathew Gordon, School Account Team Manager

Updating the Novo 1 forms

As a result of schools' feedback we have been able to revamp aspects of the Novo1t (New Appointment for Teachers) and Novo1nt (New Appointment for Non Teachers) to make them easier to follow.

Novo1t V5.4 -New Appointment for Teachers

In field 32 - "Superannuation/Kiwisaver Details" this has been changed to make it easier to understand.

We have added a new field "38a - Please select the sector the Day Relief work will apply to if working as a Day Reliever." This field lets us know if we are required to set up additional jobs as the employee will be working under more than one agreement during their Day Relief tenure.

We have also placed radio buttons under the signature box as a reminder to include the Kiwisaver form that the employee has filled out. We have only listed the four that we may need to setup or stop deductions.

Novo1nt V5.3 - New Appointment for Non Teachers

In field 32 - "Superannuation/Kiwisaver Details" we have redesigned it to make it easier to use.

Increase for area school principals (PPTA and NZEI)

Area principals' second tranche pay increase, affecting 107 people, will be effective from 2 June 2017. It will be actioned in PP05, i.e. pay day 7 June, 2017. All the principals on the current collective agreement, or individual employment agreements, will be automatically updated. All acting principals will also have their pays reviewed to be in-line with the new pay rates and school roles at the same time.

Payments include roll-base salary, staffing based salary component, decile funding, Area School's Principal's Payment.

Keeping track of your Kiwisaver contributions

We would like to clarify the timeframes for Kiwisaver contributions appearing in accounts. Please ensure school employees are aware of the timeframes.

1. If you are a new member of Kiwisaver

My Kiwisaver will only show the contributions when they have been processed from your employer's payroll report. This may take up to three months from the time they are deducted from your salary or wages.

School employees will need to contact their provider if they want to know their overall balance, investment returns, and to see contributions made directly to them.

For more information click here.

2. If you are an existing member of Kiwisaver

When you log on to My Kiwisaver you can view all contributions paid to Inland Revenue from:

1. You

2. Your employer

3. The Government.

If you are an existing member, your Kiwisaver contribution can take four to eight weeks to show up in your Kiwisaver account. This is the time it takes to be processed across agencies.

Reminder - NOVO33

Remember to provide both your signature and the employee's signature on the NOVO33s. Not having both parties signing the form will result in the request being unable to be processed.

ACC levy invoices

The 2017 ACC levy invoices are going to be generated for payment around August 2017 - September 2017. More information will be available in Novopay News, Alerts and on the Novopay website closer to the date.

Good feedback from Administrators in Education Conference

Education Payroll staff, Martin Warr and Corey O'Neill, attended the Administrators in Education Conference (AIE) held in Wanganui on May 31. Nearly half the conference's delegates attended the hour and half Novopay session.

The workshop featured the changes in Education Payroll using the continuous improvement philosophy which focused EPL on the needs of schools' payroll staff, and highlighted how the school account team model worked to assist schools.

"It was a very enlightening and useful session," says Martin. "We really enjoyed the chance to talk to everyone. Most of the delegates were from Wanganui, with others from Taupo and Palmerston North."

"It was good to meet them and get the opportunity to listen and understand their issues. A common comment was just how busy school administrators were and that payroll was a part of a multi-role job."

There was discussion on making the most of Novopay Online, leave issues, including long service leave, attestations and late notifications. Despite the fact the session was an hour and a half long Martin says it was very lively and they ran out of time.

Feedback from the conference organisers was good: "Many thanks to Corey and Martin for their presentation and to your team for putting together a programme that was both interesting and informative."

"I think a lot of administrators did not realise the complex payroll issues and the number of Awards that your team need to know - participants requested that Novopay attend again next year."

The next conference Education Payroll will attend is CES in Hamilton on June 22. We hope to see you there.

Payroll advisor profile

Meet Peter.

Peter has been with Education Payroll since November 2012. He has worked for Datacom and in marketing and operations for oil companies such as Castrol, Mobil and BP.

Before the School Account Team model came in last year at Education Payroll he had a challenging role for four years as a specialist on stop pays and overpayments. "It involved a lot of analysis and calculation," he says.

"We are very busy in this job but the School Account Team allows us to help one another out when we are under pressure or when someone is on leave. It is also useful because we can sort out issues as a team."

Most of Peter's portfolio of schools are large secondary schools in the upper South Island. Enquiries from schools are incredibly varied, he says, and there is really no one theme. "I like the interaction with schools and getting to know the people there."

Away from work Peter is a creative cook and he is a music buff enjoying music from the 1960s and 70s.

Handy hint - Pay ending report

The Pay Ending Report shows employees whose job is due to end in the next 90 days, and who will not be paid after the job end date shown.

It also shows employees who have left your school but who have not been terminated.


Use the Pay Ending Report to see whose job end date is within the next 90 days. The job end date is the end date loaded in Novopay for an employee's position. Take the required action for them, as follows;


The Report can be downloaded at any time, as required.

It is recommended that you check this regularly, e.g. when checking SUE reports. (Fortnightly)

Download the Report

1. Download the Pay Ending Report in Novopay Online using the following menu path:

My School > Employment Changes > Employee Changes

2. Select Start of Year in the Change Category field on the School Selection screen.

3. Click Pay Ending Report to download the report.