News for School Payroll Staff

News for School Payroll Staff

18 July

In this edition of Novopay Newsletter we report back on our attendance at the SEO conference last week where we focused on our continuous improvement work under the State Service Commission's Better Every Day programme. There will be more from the conference next newsletter so keep an eye out for that.

Meanwhile, this fortnight we've also got some helpful information about booking leave without pay, dealing with payslips that won't open from the email and using the My HR tab in Novopay Online.


Mathew Gordon
Manager Service Desk and Support Education Payroll Limited

EPL stand at SEO Conference a hit

The staff on the EPL stand at the SEO conference in Nelson last week were very pleased with the number of visitors and with the interest shown in our presentation at the payroll workshop.

"In particular it was great to have the support and the offers from people wanting to be involved in our continuous improvement efforts," says EPL Sector Engagement and Change Lead, Donna Goodwin.

"It was especially encouraging to hear that executive officers are very keen to work with us to continue to improve the Novopay Payroll Service."

The stand included a video outlining our Better Every Day continuous improvement programme and the positive difference this is making to the school payroll service.

"We answered many specific questions on payroll and using Novopay Online and handed out fact sheets and a payroll calendar desk stand," Donna says.

"It was helpful for us to hear about what's happening in schools and how we can do better to support executive officers.

"We are aware of areas for improvement and are looking into what we can do, and how we can provide a better support service. The Better Every Day programme we featured in the video is a programme we have been working through with the State Services Commission. You can see more about the programme and see videos of some key people on the SSC website.

Reminder - Leave Without Pay now available on Novopay Online

One of the common questions to come up at the SEO conference in Nelson was when will the LWOP issue be fixed?

Well, there's good news! It's done. You can now use Novopay Online for providing instructions on leave without pay for all staff, including for full and part days. - This means less form filling and this type of unpaid leave can be captured when it is taken. Better for everyone!

Note the change applies only to new LWOP. LWOP that has already been submitted by form will be processed based on the form. Please do not create a new on-line entry for LWOP that has already been submitted manually.

Other unpaid leave types will still need to be sent in on the Novo12 form. Please refer to the Novopay website for more information by clicking on this link Book Leave

Difficulty opening payslips

Last pay period we discovered that some employees have a problem opening their payslips directly from their email. If you or one of your employees have this problem save the payslip locally - for example to your desktop and then open it as normal.

Did you know?

Accessing employee details in Novopay Online

You can use the My HR function to manage employee's personal contact details, leave balances and employment details.

To access the information:

Select MY View (click the button under the MyView tab)

Select the magnifying glass

Select "search"

Select the dot next to the name of the employee who's details you want to see

Select set my view (top left of the table)

Once you have selected a specific employee you will be able to edit their personal information and see their leave balances, appointment details and timesheet history.

Note: remember to clear the employee selection to make sure you don't get error messages when you move to My School or My Reporting. Clear it by clicking on the blue arrow next to the employee details.