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10 November 2015

Welcome to the latest edition of the Novopay News.

In this edition, we provide you with an update on End of Year / Start of Year (EoY/SoY).

Thank you to those that have already completed your End of Year work in Novopay Online. We know some of you will be waiting on decisions at your school. Please remember the deadline for completion is 5pm on Tuesday 17 November.

We want to ensure all employees are paid correctly this holiday period, and on time. To help us do this we need an alternative contact email address and telephone number from you, so we can contact you on during term break if needed.

The Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement has recently been signed, and the increases will be processed in PP18 (pay day 25 November).

If you need any assistance, remember we are here to help.


Mathew Gordon
Manager Service Desk and Support Education Payroll Limited

End of Year (EoY) 2015 Update

A reminder - you don't have to complete End of Year all at once. We would encourage you to go into the End of Year screens in Novopay Online, complete as much as you can, save your progress and come back to it at a later time. This will help reduce the work you need to do at the end.

Once you have completed your End of Year work, please remember to press the EoY Complete button to let us know you've finished.

There are a number of tools to support you. Use these quick links to useful resources:

  • Frequently Asked Questions in the last Novopay News available here.

  • 2016 Annualisation Agreement for Non-Teachers form (NOVO23nt) is available here.

Completing the EoY/SoY process ensures that your employees get paid their correct holiday pay at the end of the year, PP19 and PP20, and that employees who are starting or returning in 2016 are set up correctly on the payroll.

The deadline for submitting your End of Year data is 5pm on Tuesday 17 November.

Alternative Authorised User 'Payroll Emergency' Contacts over Christmas break

Pay day for Pay Periods 20 to 23 occurs during term 4 vacation period, when many Authorised Users may not be working.

If you are an Authorised User and you are not working over the term four vacation period we would like you to email us the contact details for the Authorised User who will be available to resolve Payroll emergencies.

We need this so we can ensure all employees are paid correctly, and on time, during the Christmas vacation period. It will enable us to get in touch with schools quickly, in the event an employee has a payroll problem.

Please do the following:

  • Decide who in your school will be the emergency contact during the term 4 vacation period. Please note, if we don't hear from you, we will record the principal as the emergency contact.

  • Using an authorised email address, please email with the telephone number and email address of your nominated emergency contact for the Term 4 vacation period. Set the subject line of your email to "Emergency Contact details for [insert your school's name here]"

If we cannot make contact with you, your principal or your nominated emergency contact person, and there is a problem with an employee's pay which requires instruction, we may not be able to take necessary steps to correct the employee's pay.

See EOY/SOY key dates flyer with pay period dates.

Settlement of the Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement - Payment PP 18

The Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement has recently been signed, and the increases will be processed in pay period 18 (pay day 25 November).

As part of the settlement, teachers who are members of the Post Primary Teachers Association will receive arrears back to 2 September 2015. Schools do not need to take any action as the increases will be actioned automatically by Novopay.

Schools will need to submit a NOVO22t for teachers who have chosen to sign the Individual Employment Agreement (IEA) which was promulgated on 30 October. These will be processed from PP18, and will include payment to the date the IEA was signed by the employee.

Please note that IEAs are only effective from the date of signing and cannot be effective before the date they were promulgated by the Secretary for Education (refer Circular 2015/15 - Settlement of the Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement and a new Individual Employment Agreement)

Please note that your draft SUE on Thursday 19 November 2015 will reflect these changes.

Could you please ensure there are sufficient monies in your school bank account for PP18 to cover the increases where employees are paid from operational funding (BG).

Completing NOVO forms

Each time you need to complete a form, download a new copy from the Forms page .This ensures you are using the latest version. There are links to helpful instructions from the forms page.

If you need help completing the forms contact the Novopay Service Centre. We are here to help.

If a form contains errors or missing information, the Novopay Service Centre will need to return it to you, which may cause delays in processing payroll instructions for your employees.

Don't forget to complete the mandatory sections.

Changes to the Novo 12 Leave Booking Form

There are occasions when you need to book unpaid leave for an employee where the leave happened more than one pay period prior to the booking. This can cause an overpayment situation, which no one wants.

To help prevent this from happening, we have changed the Novo12 Leave Booking form.

The new Novo12 Leave Booking form allows you to indicate that you have received written permission from the affected employee which will enable Novopay to process retrospective unpaid leave bookings.

The unpaid leave will be processed through the next available pay period rather than processing the leave as an overpayment.

However, if we don't receive confirmation that you have got your employee's consent to process the unpaid leave in the next pay, we will have to proceed with our overpayment process.

The new Leave Without Pay Instructions for your employees is available here along with the revised form.

We hope this improves you and your employees' experience.

Sabbatical Leave

Changes have been made to Sabbatical Leave payments. Payment for public holidays and superannuation will now be deducted during this period of leave.

Public Holidays During Sabbatical Leave

From pay period 2617, the small number of people impacted by non-payment of sabbatical leave will now receive any back pay owing to them for Public Holidays.

Superannuation Deductions During Sabbatical Leave

In the past, superannuation deductions were not deducted from Sabbatical leave payments.

From Pay Period 2617 onwards deductions will be made, please note these will not be back dated.

Allowances and Sabbatical Leave

The issue of allowances not being paid to employees while on Sabbatical leave is currently under review, and we hope to have this resolved by early 2016.

Novopay Service Centre team apologise for any inconvenience experienced by those affected.