News for School Payroll Staff

News for School Payroll Staff

1 July 2016

In this edition of Novopay Newsletter we provide you with an update on booking leave without pay, and the first results from our quarterly customer satisfaction survey.

There's also a note about a couple of up-coming system outages and an invite to come see us in Nelson at the School Executive Officer's conference in early July.


Mathew Gordon
Manager Service Desk and Support Education Payroll Limited

Booking LWOP

We have done a technology fix which will mean that from Monday July 4 you will be able to book standard LWOP via Novopay Online. This change covers full and part days for all staff and will mean less form-filling and that this type of unpaid leave can be captured when it is taken.

Note the change applies only to new LWOP. LWOP that has already been submitted by form will be processed based on the form. Please do not create a new on-line entry for LWOP that has already been submitted manually.

Other unpaid leave types will still need to be sent in on the Novo12 form. Please refer to the Novopay website for more information by clicking on this link Book Leave

Customer Satisfaction Survey

The first quarter results from our customer satisfaction survey are in and they show some positive responses about how EPL is providing the payroll service.

The results showed over 90 per cent of people surveyed were satisfied (51%) or neutral (41%) with their overall experience of working on the payroll for their school.

A third of respondents (37%) said EPL makes it easy to handle payroll issues, while 44% were neutral and 19% did not agree that EPL made it easy.

EPL will be closely monitoring survey results over the next quarters, particularly results showing total customer satisfaction and overall customer effort.

We will also be looking for insights on where we can focus our efforts to improve the user experience.

The survey is being run for EPL by UMR Research and is part of our efforts to become a customer centred organisation. We are hoping it will help us both understand the customer experience and identify areas for improvement.

The survey will be run four times a year, and will survey a random sample of users each time with specific questions relating to our service and on areas where we can improve.

By the end of this calendar year UMR will have collated sufficient feedback and data to provide us with key themes and to do additional analysis across segments of the customer base (for example by school size, type or demographic).

The first survey ran between 1-15 April this year and surveyed 205 authorised users from a range of different sizes and types of schools.

The majority of people who completed the survey are confident users of Novopay online (86%) and are comfortable using online services - for example 92% of them do their banking online.

Novopay Online availability

There will be a production release for Novopay on Wednesday July 6 which will mean the system will not be available between 8:00pm and 9:00pm that day.

We are also doing some updating of the systems on the weekend of Saturday July 9 and Sunday July 10. This means that Novopay Online won't be available from 6.00 am on Saturday until 11.00 pm on Sunday.

Please make a note of these times. We will create alerts closer to the time.

School Executive Officers Conference (SEO) 13-15 July 2016

Don't forget we will be at the upcoming SEO Conference in Nelson in July. We'll be on Booth 21 and will have a Novopay help desk service running as well as a video introducing our approach to continuous improvement. We look forward to seeing you there.