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7 November 2014


A message from Education Payroll Services


Good morning


We've been preparing you for End of Year/Start of Year (EoY/SoY) for a while now to make sure you have the tools you need to complete your school's EoY/SoY processing successfully. In this edition, now that EoY screens are open, we share a list of key dates and activities to keep you on track and on target to meet the EoY deadline of 19 November 2014.


We also include reminders about submitting termination instructions for your terminating employees and link you back to our last few newsletters that are filled with valuable EoY/SoY tips and frequently asked questions for your review and reference.


Finally, I wanted to take this opportunity to say farewell. I've made the decision to return to my substantive role in the Student Achievement group of the Ministry this week and Deb Moran has now assumed the role of Associate Deputy Secretary, Education Payroll Services. Some of you may have met Deb already in our Sector Leader Group meetings. For those of you who don't know Deb, she has worked with me in Education Payroll Services as Manager, Chief Advisors since June 2013, following a long career serving in the public sector. I am confident Deb will provide you with the leadership and support you need as we focus on the EoY/SoY process, and beyond. Deb, I wish you all the best in your new role. Now over to you!


Hello! It brings me great pleasure to introduce myself as the new Associate Deputy Secretary of Education Payroll Services. I'm excited for this new opportunity to work with you all as we go through EoY/SoY together.


Rebecca's expertise and understanding of the intricacies of schools' payroll have been invaluable. I know she has built a professional rapport with many of you and I intend to provide you with that same level of support as we begin to work together.


Happy reading


Rebecca Elvy, Group Manager, Student Achievement and
Deb Moran, Associate Deputy Secretary, Education Payroll Services


EoY/SoY: Key dates



29 September onwards

The 2014-2015 EoY/SoY Overview webinar open and the 2014/2015 EoY/SoY instructions available on the Novopay website

29 September onwards

Prepare for EoY processing

28 October 2014

EoY screens open

28 October to 19 November

Complete EoY processing

November 2014

Prepare for SoY processing

8 December 2014

SoY screens open


EoY/SoY: Key activities

To make sure you're on track to complete your school's EoY processing by 19 November 2014, we recommend that by now you have:

  • Reviewed the updated Novopay End of Year 2014 Instructions to assist you through the EoY process
  • Attended the EoY/SoY Overview webinar* offered by Training Services
  • Printed off your End of Year report from NOL, and reviewed it with your Principal or school leader to check that the data is correct. Use this report to gather employee information for your end of year processing, including employee last day of duty  and termination information. For more information refer to the Novopay End of Year 2014 Instructions.

Also, please remember to:

  • Ensure that your school's authorised users have access to NOL and check that your password is still valid as they do expire every 60 days. If you need to reset your password, please contact the Novopay Service Centre at or on 0508 668 6729.
  • Check that your computer's browser is up to date. For best results, use version 10.0 or higher if using Internet Explorer, and version 23 or higher for Firefox. If your school uses a different browser, we recommend using either Internet Explorer or Firefox, at least for EoY/SoY processing. For further information please visit the Novopay website.

* Although our earlier EoY/SoY webinar is no longer available, you can still view the recorded version of the webinar. Training Services also offers an End of Year 2014 self paced learning module. This practical online training provides you with a step by step guide for completing EoY data entry tasks and provides information about using NOL. To sign up to this module or other self paced training modules please visit the Training Services Website.


If you have questions about the module, please contact Training Services at or by phone on 04 463 0928.


EoY/SoY: Housekeeping


Termination instructions for Secondary Principals and non teaching employees who worked 52-weeks

If you are submitting termination instructions for a Secondary Principal or non teaching employee who worked 52 weeks, you must confirm the employee's annual leave balance as at their last day of duty when filling in the NOVO6 form.


To calculate an employee's annual leave balance correctly you must first take the employee's annual leave entitlement as at their last anniversary date and then subtract the number of days taken as at annual leave as of their last day of duty.


For example:


If an employee started on 2 June 2005, then their anniversary date is 2 June each year. If this employee resigns on 12 December 2014, then their annual leave balance is calculated by taking their entitlement as it was at 2 June 2014 and subtracting the total annual leave taken as at 12 December 2014.


For more information:


We are committed to ensuring you are prepared to complete EoY successfully this year. For more EoY/SoY tips and reminders, please review our recent editions of Novopay News from 24 October 2014, 13 October 2014 and 26 September 2014.


If you have questions or require assistance during EoY/SoY, please contact the Novopay Service Centre at or on 0508 668 6729.


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