News for School Payroll Staff

Novopay Newsletter 27 January 2017

I hope you had a good holiday break if you are just starting back. Thanks to everyone who completed their Start of Year tasks by the 25 January 2017 deadline.

Just a reminder that SoY processing can still be processed online for any staff starting in Pay Period 23 - this needs to be completed by 8 February 2017. Note: the SoY screens will remain open until March, however any forms need to be submitted by 3 February (allowing for Waitangi Day). Hope your New Year is going well.

Kind regards,

Mathew Gordon, Manager, School Account Teams, Education Payroll Ltd

Annualisation for 2017 - deadline is February 6

Annualisation is a method of payment and it is an employee's choice. We have prepared more information which you can access here.

The deadline is Waitangi Day 6 February. Ideally all new annualisation forms (Novo23nt) should be submitted before then.

Returned tickets for Action - "Pending Customer"

Sometimes we need to return tickets to you corrections to enable us to complete the instruction. At this time of year it is very important that you return the correction to us as soon as possible for processing.

You can provide us the instruction on the reply email - this keeps the same ticket number. Please do not send a new email.

ACC reminder

This is a timely reminder to tidy up last year's ACC claims and to let us know what is coming up this year.

Please confirm if your staff member has returned to work, either full time or part-time, in January 2017. This is so we may close the claim and check all payments, submit this using a NOVO12.

Please note: A reduction in hours worked due to an ACC injury is not necessarily a change in contractual hours. This can be indicated on a NOVO12. For example, worked four hours Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday".

If you need any assistance filling out a NOVO12 please visit the ACC section on the website.

If you receive any forms from ACC requesting earnings, please urgently forward these to Novopay, Attn ACC Team.

Ministry approved allowances

For a list of allowances that require Ministry approval, see Summary of Ministry-approved allowances on the Novopay website. Click here.

For an allowance that requires Ministry approval for an individual - follow standard application processes to apply for these allowances, as you would in any fortnightly pay cycle.

For a school-based allowance - you do not need to do anything. The Ministry will notify the Novopay Service Centre, and they will set up or continue the allowances as required. If you believe an employee is missing an allowance they should be receiving, complete a NOVO31 form.

Latest customer satisfaction survey results

The fourth Education Payroll Customer Satisfaction Survey results continued to show positive trends with all measures improving over the previous three surveys. Novopay online and email had the largest improvements between the third and fourth quarter.

UMR Research has provided the results of the fourth survey which was completed online by 210 authorised users from 21 November to 6 December.

Duncan Boennic, Novopay Chief Operating Officer, said he was pleased with this result considering the survey happened at the same time as the pressures of the End of Year and the impact of the Kaikoura earthquake.

63% said they were satisfied with the "overall quality of service delivery from Education Payroll". This improved for the fourth survey in a row; up 3% from Quarter Three and 12% from Quarter Four.

Half the respondents (50%) agreed with the statement "Education Payroll made it easy for me to handle my payroll issues". This improved 2% from Quarter Three, and 13% from Quarter One.

The next survey will be undertaken in March/April 2017.