News for School Payroll Staff

Welcome to the latest edition of the Novopay News.

It's nearly the school holidays. In this edition we have provided you with a reminder of how to calculate holiday pay reductions for teachers.

We also introduce you to a new NOVO36t Tutor Teacher Allowance form and provide links to resources you need to get End of Year/Start of Year processes underway. Remember, if you need help, we are here to help you.

We would like to take the opportunity to give a big thank-you to schools for checking your leave bookings and balances. We had a huge response with well over 90% of schools providing CSVs by the deadline. If you're in the process we will continue to work with you through to completion.

While it's now too late to start the process if you haven't already, normal processes exist for booking leave and raising a balance query.


Mathew Gordon
Manager Service Desk and Support
Education Payroll Limited

A Reminder about the Holiday Pay Reduction for Teachers

If a teacher takes unpaid leave during a school term, a holiday pay reduction (HPR) may be needed. At the beginning of each vacation period, required holiday pay reductions are calculated for all teachers who have taken a period of unpaid leave during the term just completed.

In some instances, further holiday pay reductions are required resulting from prior terms. The holiday pay reduction will be made from the employee's pay that falls over that vacation period.

As each sector has its own set of Holiday Pay Reduction calculation rules, we have created a table with links to each collective agreement for more information:

End of Year / Start of Year 2015/16

Completing the EoY/SoY process ensures that your employees get paid their correct holiday pay at the end of the year, and that employees who are starting or returning in 2016 are set up correctly on the payroll.

These resources are available to you now:

300 authorised users have already viewed the End of Year Self-paced Learning Module, and we have had some great feedback. If you haven't had chance - it can be found here. Its 20 minutes well spent to understand what you need to do to complete End of Year.

New Novo36t Tutor Teacher Allowance form

This week we released the new Novo36t Tutor Teacher Allowance form, on the Novopay website.

This form is an updated version of the Tutor Teacher Allowance application. It replaces the old form and is to be used when applying for Tutor Teacher Allowances.

The new form has an End Date column which enables you to cease Tutor Teacher Allowances.

Earlier versions of the Tutor Teacher Allowance form will continue to be accepted and processed until 12 October 2015, the beginning of Term 4.

If Novopay receives any earlier versions after this 12 October date, they will be declined and returned to the school.

Download the form here.

Leave Management Update

The new School Annual and Sick Leave report will be available on Novopay Online from 30 September 2015. The report provides schools with a fortnightly update on leave entitlements, bookings and balances for their current employees. Employee leave information may be different from what was provided in the Leave Balance confirmation reports dated 4 August. Any differences may be due to:

  • recent leave bookings made in the Novopay payroll system,

  • any entitlements that have accumulated since 4 August,

  • adjustments made through the leave balance confirmation process.

Schools have been highly engaged in the confirmation process. The Service Centre is currently working through all the responses. Schools will be notified when their CSVs have been processed - any adjustments will be included in the next fortnight's School Annual and Sick Leave report.

Training in leave management remains available as a self-paced learning module. If you haven't done so already, we recommend that you use this resource to brush up on subjects such as counting leave days and managing leave balances.