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Novopay News 14 August 2015

Welcome to the latest edition of the Novopay News.

In this edition of the newsletter we provide an update on:

  • SICKA Leave code
  • Leave Management
  • NOVO forms updated and available on website
  • ACC Annual Levy Invoice

SICKA Leave code

A few schools have been using the code SICKA to book anticipated or additional sick leave.

It has been identified that the use of the same leave code for both anticipated and additional bookings causes issues.

As a result, the code has now been removed from Novopay Online.

Further information on which codes to use can be found on the Novopay website:

Sick leave for non-teachers

Sick leave for teachers and principals

Leave codes and reasons

Leave Management

The Leave Balance Confirmation process is now underway.

You can download your reports from Novopay Online and begin checking that all leave bookings have been made for your employees.

The Leave Balance Confirmation instructions (PDF, 1.33MB) are available, including an overview of the Leave Balance Confirmation process and a checklist and instructions to help you work through the steps.

Additional resources available on the website to assist you are Tips and tricks (PDF, 484KB), which include examples of common CSV errors and tips to help you work through the process.

All CSV files should be fully completed and returned to the Service Centre by 14 September 2015.

It is important to meet this date, so that balance information is updated in the Novopay payroll system and correct before the new fortnightly leave management report is made available in late September.

From 17 August, the Leave Balance webinar will be available as a recording.

NOVO forms updated and available on the website

Five NOVO forms have been updated and are available to download from NOVO forms webpage.

These forms have been updated: NOVO2t, NOVO2nt, NOVO12r, NOVO16t and NOVO21.

The NOVO12r now enables you to reverse and re-book leave using one form.

Information is available for allowances without a preset value, known as Agreed Rate Allowances, here.

The instructions document previously available for the NOVO12r and NOVO21 are now included on each form.

Find out more, download the Summary of Changes here.

Top Tip

Please ensure you are using the latest version of any form; always download the original from the Novopay website.

ACC Annual Levy Invoice


Your ACC annual levy invoice is now available via Novopay Online (NOL). To access your invoice, log in to NOL, go to the My Reporting tab and choose ACC EOY (invoice to schools) and select 2015 invoice.


The 2015 ACC annual levy is based on leviable earnings. It will be deducted from your school's bank account on 8 September 2015. Please ensure you have sufficient funds to cover this deduction.

For more about payments and rates that make up this year's levy, visit the Novopay website.



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