News for School Payroll Staff

In this edition we remind you that School Annual Accrual Reports are available to download. We will be sending you the Leave Liability Reports and Error Schedules later in the month.

We are updating the Daily Ticket Status report to improve the information we provide to you.

Included in this edition is some information to help you fill out NOVO28t as well as information about the beginning of School Year and Attestations.

In case you require any assistance at this busy time of the year, we have provided contact information for you at the end of this newsletter.


Mathew Gordon
Manager Service Desk and Support Education Payroll Limited

School Annual Accrual Report (SAAR), Leave Liability and Error Schedules

The School Annual Accrual Reports are now available to download from Novopay Online. We will send you the Leave Liability Reports and Error Schedules required to complete the School Financial Statements (from a payroll perspective) later in the month.

More information on the School Financial Statement process, and instructions on how to reconcile the SAAR, Leave Liability and Error Schedules in the Financial Statement are available from the Ministry of Education's website here.

Daily Ticket Status

We are updating the Daily Ticket Status report to improve the information we provide you.

From Monday 15 February you will be able to see your Open Tickets (these are tickets we hold that you don't need to worry about, we will process them) and your Pending Customer Tickets (these are tickets that we have sent back and require an alteration/correction from you before we can process the instruction). Remember, the sooner you respond to your Pending Customer tickets, the sooner we can process the instruction you send us.

Please review your Daily Ticket Status report, alongside your Transaction Report, before you call the Service Desk or re-send an instruction to us.

Beginning of School Year and Attestations

The attestation report is an electronic payroll report that shows the names of your teachers and support staff who are due to have their salary increased.

Most attestations for teachers and non-teaching staff relate to the beginning of the school term.

Schools are notified of eligible employees via this report 6 weeks before the salary increment being due, so that professional standards appraisals can be performed and attestation provided before the employee becomes eligible.

Use the School Attestations report to confirm each employee's eligibility for an increment. Your school's report can be accessed from the 'My Reporting' area in NOL.

Each time a school returns an attestation report to the Service Centre, Novopay manually reviews the report for service accuracy, including dates, before loading an increment. The Service Centre will identify any errors when the service is reviewed and pays the increment from the correct date. The school will be notified of any date changes when the ticket is closed.

Top Tip 1: It is important that you regularly download and review your attestation report, as increments can occur at different times of the year.

Top Tip 2: In order for Novopay to support your non teachers, it is recommended that you complete a NOVO22nt and put a (N) next to your non teacher on the Attestation report.

Top Tip 3: More information on Attestations is available here.

Customer Satisfaction

At EPL we are continually looking to improve our business and services. To help us do this we are establishing a regular customer satisfaction survey for the delivery of our payroll service to the Education Sector.

EPL have commissioned UMR Research Ltd, an independent research company, to establish the survey on behalf of EPL. We are targeting a first survey to the sector by the end of March and then quarterly from there.

The survey/questionnaire will enable EPL to benchmark key performance criteria with the education sector as well as get qualitative and quantitative feedback from our customers.

The initial stage involves UMR understanding EPL's core business through a series of workshops. EPL and UMR will be engaging with a small group of Wellington based Authorised Users to form focus groups in the second half of February.

We look forward to updating you on the progress of our Customer Satisfaction framework as we progress through this piece of work, and to sharing the results from these surveys when they are available.

Higher Duties Allowance

NOVO28t - Higher Duties Allowance for Teachers

If a principal/teacher is going on leave, has resigned, or is acting in a higher position, use the NOVO28t form to pay Higher Duties Allowance for teachers who are acting in a higher position.

When, as a consequence of a principal being on leave, the school reallocates duties to other teachers, you will need to submit more than one NOVO28t for teachers acting in different tiers.

For example, Janette is a principal at school, Paul is a senior teacher, and Jo is a teacher.

When Janette goes on leave, Paul is acting in Janette's role. You will need to submit a NOVO28t to pay Higher Duties Allowance to Paul for acting up in Janette's role.

Due to Paul being released to undertake the principal's role, Jo is acting in Paul's senior teacher's role. You will need to submit a separate NOVO28t to pay Higher Duties Allowance to Jo for acting up in Paul's role.

The forms and instructions are available on the website:

Here's a few helpful hints that you could save and refer to when you are filling out the forms.

Step1. Fill out all the details on the form fields 3-8. This is the incumbent employee in the role.

Step 2. Provide a brief description of why you have filled the form out, name the individuals involved. For example, who is covering and who for, the date range, and what you need Education Payroll to do.

Note: If a teacher is covering for a principal, you do not need to fill out 'field 17' ($ Value of HDA), Education Payroll will calculate this for you.

If the teacher is covering for another teacher, who is in a higher position other than principal, you need to provide the value of the Higher Duties Allowance per annum in 'field17'

For the value of 'field 17', please see the relevant clauses for a quick reference.

Acting in a Higher Position other than Principal

For Secondary teachers, see clause 4.16

For Primary teachers, see clause 3.15

For Area teachers, see clause 3.12

Acting Principal

For Secondary acting principals, see clause 4.15

For Primary acting principals, see clause 3.16

For Area acting principals, see clause 3.11

How to fill out the funding codes: 'Field 19' and' Field 20'

For special funding for the Higher Duties Allowance, e.g. sabbatical or study leave, enter the Funding code advised on the 'TeachNZ Study Award Coding Notice' in 'field 19', and the Department code advised on the coding notice in 'field 20'.

If the principal is on paid leave, you will need to enter code 11010 in 'field 19', and your own Department code in 'field 20'.

Please ensure the leave form is submitted once you've completed the NOVO28t if applicable. Email the forms to the Novopay Service Centre via the normal process. If you require further assistance, please contact Education Payroll.

Helpful contacts for Novopay authorised users

Novopay Service Centre

If you are an authorised user of the Novopay service, contact the Novopay Service Centre for help.

Phone: 0508 NOVOPAY (0508 668 6729)
Novopay Service Centre, P O Box 3049, Wellington 6140
Available: 8.30am to 5.00pm weekdays (emails will be processed until 6.00pm)

See also: Sending forms

Novopay Debt Management Unit

If you have a question about an overpayment, contact the Debt Management Unit.

Phone: 0508 NOVOPAY (0508 668 6729) and choose option 2

Mail: Debt Management Unit, P O Box 9338, Christchurch 8149

Staffing and funding queries

For queries on staffing and funding in your school, contact:


Phone: 04 463 8383

Or see Contact details for staffing enquiries (Ministry of Education website).