News for School Payroll Staff

Kia ora,

I am Donna Delaney Education Payroll's new School Account Teams manager.

It's great to join the team at Education Payroll and through this issue of Novopay News have the opportunity to introduce myself to you.

I will be talking to everyone on 18 September via a video we have made to introduce the beginning of the 2017 and 2018 End-of-Year/Start-of-Year programme (EoY and SoY). This video will be emailed to all Authorised Users.

Coming up we have a special edition of Novopay News which will focus entirely on End of Year and the information and support you will need. This edition will be published on Monday, 18 September and therefore we will not be publishing an issue on Friday, 22 September.

Look out for the special End-of-Year issue - you will find it very helpful.

Donna Delaney, School Account Teams Manager

Reminder when updating individual employment agreements for annualised staff

Please use the NOVO24nt form when you make IEA changes for Annualised Staff. We are receiving NOVO22nt forms in error for these requests despite the instruction not to, and to use the correct form. Please do not risk the time delay by using the wrong form.

Making End-of-Year easier - the End-of-Year road map and learning modules

We have a new tool to help schools this year. We have created a flow chart called the "End-of-Year Road Map". It helps schools who find the instructions a bit daunting with a simple and clear way to navigate through the process.

For payroll staff new to End-of-Year, or who would like a refresher, we recommend working through the self-paced learning modules and then downloading and reading through the instructions to make sure you are familiar with what needs to be done. The modules and instructions are on the Novopay website and will be available from 18 September.

Our final advice is once you have completed End-of-Year please ensure that you hit the "complete' button" in Novopay Online. When the wording comes up on screen confirming completion you will know you have finished EoY.

EoY tips from St Peter's College and Orewa College

"My advice is to be prepared," says Margaret Trenberth, Finance Administrator at St Peter's College, Auckland. "Get your annualisations done now, find out who wants to be annualised - don't forget to offer it to new support staff who have started through the year."

"I also gather information on my term-time only employees and put their details into a spreadsheet. It makes it easier. I use the End-of-Year instructions on the Novopay website for information about things like fixed-term teaching staff and terminations," she says.

Linda Jackson, Finance Officer at Orewa College, Auckland agrees, "The end of the school year with teachers leaving and lots of checking needing to be done is very busy. The more you can do earlier the easier the End-of-Year process will be."

"At Orewa College we complete our annualisations well in advance and we are up to date as possible with our terminations. Begin as soon as you can is my advice. I also recommend people use the training modules on the Novopay website," she says.

Reminder: Secondary teachers third tranche pay increase PP12 and union subsidy

On 4 September 2017 secondary teachers have had a pay increase to their base salary. Union members and those on the latest Individual Employment Agreement will be updated automatically to these rates. Staff who are union members will find their one percent union subsidy will be increasing to a maximum of $29.92 per pay due to the pay increase.

Holiday pay reduction (HPR)

Remember to advise any teacher who has had more than five days leave without pay (LWOP) this term that there will be a holiday pay reduction (HPR) in pay period 14 or 15. Click here and you will find the tool which you can use to calculate the HPR and inform the teacher prior to it happening.

E tu fee increase

An increase in union fees for E tu members, as instructed by E tu, has been applied in PP12, pay day 13 September 2017.

Payroll advisor profile - Meet Benny

EPL Payroll Advisor, Benny, was born in Romania and his parents came to New Zealand in the mid 1990s when he was five. He grew up in Wellington and then moved to Auckland to study business at Massey University in Albany and fitness training at AUT. In Auckland he worked as a fitness trainer and in marketing and sales.

"I really enjoyed fitness training but after awhile working at various gyms I found it got to be very repetitive so I wanted to go back to my other interest which is business."

Benny joined Education Payroll in December 2015 and became a member of a School Account Team in July 2016. He has a portfolio of 27 schools spread across the country from Invercargill to Northland - most are primary but recently he has just taken on two secondaries.

"I like the stimulation of business and in this job you are always learning and there is a lot of variety. I like to help people and analyse problems, find solutions and fix them."

Outside work Benny works out at the gym, watches sport, gardens and he is keen on movies and current affairs.

Handy Hint - Do you know who can contact your Novopay Payroll Advisor?

Only authorised users can access the Novopay Service i.e. the Novopay Payroll Advisor and NOL.

If you, or any staff members have questions relating to payroll administration at your school, only an authorised user can phone us for assistance.

Authorised users are the people within schools who have been given delegated authority to carry out payroll activities. A school can have as many authorised users as needed.

The responsibilities of individual authorised users will vary between schools.

Access types

  • There are four different access levels in Novopay
  • You can choose who should be in each group.
  • Your access type defines what you can see and do in Novopay Online.

Log in to Novopay Online

If you are an authorised user, enter your user name and password in the Novopay Online login screen.

Your user name is your seven digit MoE number (which is not the same as your Teacher Registration number). If your MoE number is shorter than this, add zeros at the front to make it up to seven digits, e.g. 12345 becomes 0012345 and 123456 becomes 0123456.

You will be given a temporary password. You'll be prompted to change your password the first time you log in.

Acting principal

There can be only one person at a school with principal access to the Novopay Service.

If the principal is away for more than two weeks, and another employee is in an 'acting principal' role, talk to your Payroll Advisor for options to set up the acting principal's access to the Novopay Service.