News for School Payroll Staff

In this edition of Novopay news, we provide you with an update on Start of Year (SoY).

We had a busy day yesterday on draft SUE PP19. If you had difficulties getting through to us, thank you for your patience. One of the issues you were calling us about was how Holiday Pay displays on the SUE Report. We have previously put out some information on this topic, you can find this here .

As it's nearly the end of term four, with only a few weeks to go, now is the time for you to send in your instructions for employees at the Start of Year. We all need to work together to ensure employees are paid correctly from the day they start in 2016.

Start of Year screens will open this Monday, 7 December 2015. Please read the information below to be prepared for what you need to do.

We are also reminding you that we require an Alternative Authorised User 'Payroll Emergency' Contacts over Christmas break.

If you, or your employees in your absence, need to contact EPL over Christmas period, see the contact details in this newsletter.

If you need any assistance, remember we are here to help.


Mathew Gordon
Manager Service Desk and Support Education Payroll Limited

Start of Year (SoY) 2016 Update

The Start of Year screens open in Novopay Online on 7 December 2015. All Start of Year tasks that can be completed online should be completed in the Start of Year screens by 25 January 2016.

If you are an annualised Authorised User, we need to process your form by 13 January 2016. Remember: if you are not renewed in time, you will lose your Authorised User access to NoL and will be unable to process payroll online for all your staff until your own instruction is received and processed.

The aim of SoY is to process all information necessary to ensure your staff are paid correctly and on time. This information consists of start and end dates, leave information and all other changes to payroll information effective from the start of 2016.

Here is a list of key resources:

As you will understand, at this time of year it's important to meet the deadlines, so that staff are paid correctly.

The Holiday Pay Tool is designed to help you and you staff understand how your End of Year Holiday pay for 2015 is calculated and when it will be paid. Take a look, it is really very useful.

Action Required - Alternative Authorised User 'Payroll Emergency' Contacts over Christmas break

As covered in the latest alert, we require a payroll emergency contact for the Term 4 vacation period. Thank you if you provided us with one already. If you haven't, please do the following:

  • Decide who in your school will be the emergency contact during the term 4 vacation period.

  • Using an authorised email address, email with the telephone number and email address of your nominated emergency contact for the Term 4 vacation period. Set the subject line of your email to "Emergency Contact details for [insert your school's name here]".

If we cannot make contact with you, your principal, or your nominated emergency contact person, and there is a problem with an employee's pay which requires instruction, we may not be able to take necessary steps to correct the employee's pay.

Please provide an updated contact for your principal if they are the nominated Payroll Emergency Contact.

Reminder: Contacting Novopay between 29 - 31 December

Just to remind you, the Novopay Service Desk will operate as normal between 29-31 December and we will be happy to receive your call to 0508 NOVOPAY from Authorised Users.

However, we also know a lot of you will be on your break during this period, so we have agreed that we will accept calls from your staff if they have a payroll emergency. Please make your staff aware that Novopay will accept calls to the freephone number 0800 663 772, during standard business hours on the 3 non statutory days of 29 - 31 December. Employees should only contact us if they have a payroll emergency, and we will only be able to discuss their pay with them if we get two confirmations of identification - usually their MoE number and one other piece of personal information.

In most cases, we cannot take a payroll instruction from an employee without authorisation from your school, which is why we are collecting an 'alternative Authorised User' contact from you.

You are receiving this newsletter because you are set up as a Novopay Authorised User. If you have received this newsletter in error, please delete it and accept our apologies.

If you are a Novopay Authorised User, and would like to update your email address, please download and complete a NOVO5 form and post it to the Novopay Service Centre. If you are no longer a Novopay Authorised User, please download and complete a NOVO5c form and post it to the Novopay Service Centre. It can take up to two weeks to process these changes. We thank you for your patience.