News for School Payroll Staff

It has been a very successful Start of Year (SoY) for 2017. A huge "well done"' from our School Account Teams here at Education Payroll to all our payroll colleagues in schools for your great work for the Start of Year process. SoY forms and information have been submitted on time and made this busy time run very smoothly.

For us here it is a very positive message about the value of our partnership with you in schools' payroll management.

We realise starting to use Novopay for the first time can be daunting, as such we have launched a new initiative called the 'RED CARPET'. This is intended to provide support for new users, help them establish a great relationship with their schools' Payroll Advisor and guide them to useful information on our website. We are enjoying positive feedback to this initiative. If you are part of this process and have any suggestions for further improvement please let us know.

There are often a lot of changes with staff at the beginning of Term 1, we would appreciate you checking and updating current contact details and email addresses (for payslips). For assistance on how to update these details using Novopay Online phone your Payroll Advisor and they will assist you.


Mathew Gordon

School Account Team Manager

School Annual Accrual Report (SAAR), Leave Liability and Error Schedules

You will be aware the SAAR report is available to download from Novopay Online. We are expecting to be able to provide you with the Leave Liability and School Error Schedules information on 27 February. You need this information to complete the payroll section of your 2016 School Financial Statement.

Note: Principals please check your contact details prior to the Leave Liability and Error schedules mail out. (Any changes for Principal details cannot be done online and will require a form to be submitted).

More information on the School Financial Statement process, and instructions on how to reconcile the SAAR, Leave Liability and Error Schedules in the Financial Statement are available from the Ministry of Education's website here.

Rolling out the RED CARPET for new users

We have spoken to a sample of Novopay's new users to see how we could better support them. A common response was that there needed to be more of an induction process. This is how we came up with the RED CARPET initiative.

With the RED CARPET, we contact all new users identified via the NOVO5 process. They are sent an introductory email that introduces each new user's Payroll Advisor and Team Lead. Their Novopay contact queue number is highlighted. There is also key information about how to use Novopay and where to access the self-paced learning modules from These links provide the initial learning information, this is then followed up with a call, a couple of weeks after the email is sent, to check on progress and offer further training.

We hope to provide a useful and consistent training path for all new users with this initiative, supporting the daily work of our Payroll Advisors.

Special Tax Codes (STC) process

Please remind your employees with a Special Tax Code (STC) that they will need to correct their tax code with the Inland Revenue and Novopay before the end of the tax year. If their code is not corrected or renewed then they will default to an ND (No Declaration) tax rate of 46.39% applicable from 1 April 2017.

We will write to employees who are on a STC in early March to ensure that they know the correct process to follow. Affected employees will be advised that they must re-apply to Inland Revenue for a Special Tax Code. If their application is successful then they will pass an Inland Revenue instruction on to you, their school's authorised user.

Please send a NOVO4 (Tax Details Change) form with every tax instruction you receive to the Service Centre by 5pm Monday 3 April 2017. This will ensure that your employees' correct tax codes take effect in PP01. Any tickets received after 5pm will be processed in the next available pay.

If your employees have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please ask them to contact IR on 0800 227 774.

Handy Hints from Our Capability Advisors

Do you have an employee who has an apostrophe in their name? Do you struggle to run some reports in NOL?

You can use wildcard expressions to search for one or more characters. % is a wildcard for keyword search. e.g. %BLOGGS

Please see the example below for searching for John O'Bloggs School Leave Balances;