News for School Payroll Staff

In this edition on Novopay news, we provide you with an update on End of Year/ Start of Year.

Thank you for your help in completing your End of Year information in Novopay Online. Now is the time to prepare for Start of Year 2016.

To avoid delays with Start of Year processing and ensure you have all the information you need, it is strongly recommended that you gather information and complete any required forms before the Start of Year screen opens on 7 December 2015.

Please be aware that Novopay Online will be briefly unavailable for a scheduled system upgrade tomorrow. We would like to remind you about entering leave without pay and terminations within the pay period.

If you need any assistance, remember we are here to help.


Mathew Gordon
Manager Service Desk and Support Education Payroll Limited

Start of Year (SoY) 2016 Update

The Start of Year Self-paced Learning Module is available from the Novopay website here. Please take the time to access this information - it gives you the support you need to complete Start of Year.

Resources are available to help you. The Start of Year homepage is here and the Start of Year User Guide here.

Start of Year screens open in Novopay Online on 7 December. We highly recommend that you complete your Start of Year activity before the Term 4 break, and before 25 January 2016 at the latest.

If you are an annualised Authorised User, please be sure to get your Annualisation for 2016 submitted before 13 January 2016.

Holiday Pay Tool

A reminder we have created a Holiday Pay Tool here that should help you and your employees understand how holiday pay is calculated for different employee types in PP19 and PP20.

Alternative Authorised User 'Payroll Emergency' Contacts over Christmas break

As per the last Novopay News, we require a payroll emergency contact for the Term 4 vacation period. Thank you if you provided us with one already. If you haven't, please do the following:

  • Decide who in your school will be the emergency contact during the term 4 vacation period. Please note, if we don't hear from you, we will record the principal as the emergency contact.
  • Using an authorised email address, please email with the telephone number and email address of your nominated emergency contact for the Term 4 vacation period. Set the subject line of your email to "Emergency Contact details for [insert your school's name here]"

If we cannot make contact with you, your principal or your nominated emergency contact person, and there is a problem with an employee's pay which requires instruction, we may not be able to take necessary steps to correct the employee's pay.

Contacting Novopay during 29 - 31 December

The Novopay Service Desk will operate as normal between 29-31 December and we will be happy to receive your call to 0508 NOVOPAY from Authorised Users.

However, we also know a lot of you will be on your break during this period, so we have agreed that we will accept calls from your staff if they have a payroll emergency. Please make your staff aware that Novopay will accept calls to the freephone number 0800 663 772, during standard business hours on the 3 non statutory days of 29 - 31 December. Employees should only contact us if they have a payroll emergency, and we will only be able to discuss their pay with them if we get two confirmations of identification - usually their MoE number and one other piece of personal information.

In most cases, we cannot take a payroll instruction from an employee without authorisation from your school, which is why we are collecting an 'alternative Authorised User' contact from you.

SOY Quick Links- to help you get started

  • 2016 Annualisation Agreement for Non-Teachers form (NOVO23nt) is available here.

Novopay Online briefly unavailable on 24 November 2015

We would like to advise you that Novopay Online will be briefly unavailable Tuesday, 24 November, 6:00pm - 11:00pm.

Leave bookings via Novopay Online will also be unavailable Tuesday, 24 November, 12 noon - 4:00pm.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Leave Without Pay (LWOP)

LWOP and Terminations should be entered in a timely way within the Pay Period to minimise overpayments. This is especially important leading up to Holiday Pay processing in PP19 and 20.

The earliest LWOP bookings can be entered via Novopay Online are for the previous pay period only.

The sum of LWOP bookings for the previous pay, plus current pay, must not be greater than 14 calendar days.

LWOP for future periods can be entered with no restrictions.


Employees that are terminating in the current pay period must have their termination date entered before Saturday EOD, to receive full accurate pay and termination pay. Dates entered post Saturday EOD will be processed as follows:

  • Where a termination date is entered between Saturday EOD and Monday 4.30 pm, the employee will have the correct salary component paid. However, the termination pay will be processed within the next pay period.

  • When an attempt is made to process a termination date post Monday 4.30 pm, the following error message will be displayed: Missed termination cut-off for pay period end, please submit a NOVO6 with 'STOP' in the subject line.

You are receiving this newsletter because you are set up as a Novopay Authorised User. If you have received this newsletter in error, please delete it and accept our apologies.

If you are a Novopay Authorised User, and would like to update your email address, please download and complete a NOVO5 form and post it to the Novopay Service Centre. If you are no longer a Novopay Authorised User, please download and complete a NOVO5c form and post it to the Novopay Service Centre. It can take up to two weeks to process these changes. We thank you for your patience.