News for School Payroll Staff

I hope you had a good holiday break, if you are just starting back.

Firstly, thank you for completing your Start of Year tasks by the 25 January 2016 deadline.

In this edition, with the start of the New Year and returning to work, it's important to update us on any changes to staff that have been or are on ACC leave.

I'd like to stress to you, that we need 'Pending Customer' tickets back in to us at Novopay as soon as possible to process instructions.


Mathew Gordon
Manager Service Desk and Support Education Payroll Limited

Returned Tickets for Action - 'Pending Customer'

As you are aware, sometimes we need to return tickets to you for action or to correct/alter something so we process this instruction.

At this time of year it is very important, when you receive a ticket, you return the correction to us as soon as possible for processing.

You do not have to send us a new email, you can provide us the instruction on the reply email - this keeps the same ticket number.

ACC reminders

This is a timely reminder to tidy up last year's ACC claims and to let us know what is coming up this year.

Please confirm if your staff member has returned to work, either full time or part-time, in January 2016. This is so we may close the claim and check all payments, submit this using a NOVO12.

Please note: A reduction in hours worked due to an ACC injury is not necessarily a change in contractual hours. This can be indicated on a NOVO12. For example, worked 4 hours Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday".

If you need any assistance filling out a NOVO12 please visit the ACC section on the website.

Transaction Reports- Occupancy End Date defect

We have become aware of a problem affecting Occupancy End Dates in some Transaction Reports.

Some of you are seeing a change to a former employee's occupancy end date in your Daily Transaction Report, when you haven't made any changes to that employee's record from your school.

What is happening is that when a former employee's new occupancy at another school is updated in the Start of Year screens, the system is incorrectly updating the old occupancy line to move the occupancy to end before the new occupancy starts. This does not have a pay impact and there is no action for you to take.

We apologise for the issue and are working to fix it.

Banking Staffing Rates 2016

From 3 February 2016 your banking staffing report will calculate the estimated value of staffing using the 2016 banking staffing rates.

The 2016 banking staffing rates are:

· Recovery rate $68,500 + GST.

· Reimbursement rate $54,500 + GST.

Additional Banking Staffing Period in 2016

The 2016 banking staffing year will have 27 banking staffing periods rather than the normal 26. We would like to assure schools that the addition of an extra banking staffing period will have no impact on banking staffing. Schools will receive FTTE for this pay period in the same way they receive it for the other periods throughout the year.

For forward planning of your banking staffing, you can find a copy of the Ministry's Banking Staffing Modelling Spreadsheet at: