News for School Payroll Staff

Kia Ora,

We have been working on a new version of the NOVO2t form which will make it easier to use and there is also a new form for the bus controllers' allowance.

Also in this issue there is an interesting article on terminations. A good time to terminate staff whose occupancy has ended is in June and July or during the term breaks when it's quieter.

We also feature a note on the employer subsidy for the GSF which goes up in July and finally our presentation team at the Hamilton CES conference in June received some great feedback from schools about our payroll advisors - thank you for these positive comments - our staff really appreciate it.

Noho ora mai

Mathew Gordon, School Account Team Manager

New bus controllers' allowance claim form - NOVO39t

From 1 July, 2017 the Bus Controllers' Allowance is to be claimed using the new Novo39t - Bus Controllers Claim - and sent directly into Novopay for processing the payments.

You can find the form, along with all our others, here.

New Government superannuation fund (GSF) employer subsidy rate from 1 July

For school employees the GSF employer subsidy rate will automatically increase from 11.5% to 12.4% effective from the first pay period after 1 July 2017. This is PP 8 - starting 5 July.

This rate is inclusive of the Employer Superannuation Tax (ECST) at a default rate of 33%. The rate reflects the cost of meeting the accruing retiring benefits for each GSF contributor after taking into account employee contributions.

The employee/member contribution rate remains unchanged at 6.5%. This change to the employer subsidy rate will impact upon any GSF members/employees who are:

  • paid based on a total remuneration salary package
  • have elected an Employer Superannuation Contribution Tax (ECST) rate lower than 33%
  • contribute to GSF on a former higher salary (FHS).

In these cases employer subsidy at employee level will be recalculated to reflect the change in your employer subsidy rate.

If you have any queries please ring the GSF Schemes Administration on 0800 654 731 or email

New version of the Novo2t form

We have launched the new Novo2t form on the website. Please only use the latest version of the NOVO2t form, which is now version 5.1.

The changes make it clearer that this form is not to be used for Higher Duties, Communities of Learning, Maori Immersion, Tutor Teacher, and Service Increment Allowances.

Field 6 - Effective Date, now has a tick box next to it, this is to indicate that the employee's original start date has changed. Fixed-Term End Date has now moved from being Field 12 at the bottom of the page to Field 7, closer to the top.

We have a new field to advise whether an employee is currently on any ACC related leave called Field 11 - Is this employee on ACC.

Terminations - Novopay Online or the NOVO6 form?

We would encourage everyone to do more terminations online. By using our Novopay website tool, "Novopay Online or form?" you can quickly assess whether a termination can be processed online, or if it requires a NOVO6 form.

If an employee is leaving your school at the end of the year, or is leaving a job and returning to a new job, you must terminate them. This removes them from your payroll.

Those terminations that require a NOVO6 form are for retirement, medical retirement, redundancy and fixed term teachers transferring to another school.

If a termination has been entered in error, you will need to complete a NOVO6r form to reverse it.

If a termination has been submitted with an incorrect termination date, complete a NOVO6r form to reverse the termination, and a new NOVO6 form with the correct termination date.

For all other terminations, you can bulk-terminate in Novopay Online, or if it is End of Year, use the EoY/End of Year screens. If any holiday pay is due it will be paid. No NOVO6 is required for terminations that have been made in Novopay Online. Please also remember if an authorised user is terminating you also need to complete a NOVO5c form to cancel their Novopay system access.

Retrospective terminations

If you notice in your End of Year Report (this can be downloaded at any time for good system house-keeping) that an employee who has already left your school has not been terminated in Novopay, this is a retrospective termination.

In this instance, please send a NOVO6 form to the Novopay Service Centre. Note: This will generate any holiday pay due. If you have already submitted a NOVO6 form for this employee and they are still showing on the report as not terminated, contact the Novopay Service Centre.

Reminder: New school caretakers', cleaners and canteen staff collective agreements

In Pay Period 7 the School Caretakers', Cleaners and Canteen Staff Collective Agreement 2017-2019 will be implemented. Please see Novopay News June 16 issue for details.

Employees who are members of the union as of the date of the collective being signed have had their pay rate changes automatically applied to them in PP 7, pay day 5 July, 2017. Employees have received a 1.2% increase in their base pay rate effective from 8 May, 2017. Individual Employment Agreements are effective from the 1 June, 2017 or the date signed by the employee - whichever is later. From the 8 May, 2017 the clothing and footwear allowance under clause 4.2 will be changing see Novopay News issue 16 June.

Payroll advisor profile - Meet Nikki

Nikki Komporozos' family is originally from Greece and part of the wave of Greek migration to Wellington in the 1920s and 30s. She is a member of the tight knit Greek community in South Wellington which keeps up the old traditions and relationships.

She is very busy at the moment planning her wedding to her partner and they will spend their honeymoon in Greece.

Nikki has worked at Education Payroll for two half years and before that she worked in sales and marketing for City Fitness and for the debt management team of the BNZ.

She supports 19 secondary schools in the middle to top of New Zealand - many around Hamilton.

"My schools are amazing, just amazing," she says." I love my schools. I would not give them up for the whole world. They are very open to feedback and learning and doing what needs to be done. They are very self-sufficient - if I ask them once to do something they will do it right away."

She is a keen netball player and enjoys hanging out with her seven year-old step daughter. At Education Payroll's presentation to the Canterbury Education Services conference in Hamilton in June, Nikki was one of EPL's payroll advisors singled out for special praise by delegates.