EdPay works from anywhere

Tena koutou - Just a reminder that you can use EdPay from home, or wherever you are in the country. Just use your MOE number and password. It's fast and easy, and can be used to:

· Add a new employee
· Terminate an employee's role
· Update any personal details e.g. email address
· Update any financial details e.g. bank account
· Change a person's tax code or KiwiSaver.

· Update a person's pay details e.g. changing an employee's hours

It replaces the NOVO1, NOVO2, NOVO3, NOVO4, NOVO6 and NOVO29 forms. You can also set relievers up in EdPay, but they won't be visible in your My Employees list, so you'll need to use a form if you want to edit their details.

Here's an easy guide.