Labour Day - arrangements for stop pays

Monday, 23 October, is Labour Day. As this is a Public Holiday, we would like to advise you that only full Stop Pays will be able to be processed on Tuesday, 24 October - no partial Stop Pays can be processed on Monday, 23 October.

Final SUE Reports for Pay Period 15 will be available on Saturday, 21 October instead of Tuesday, 24 October.

All requests for a Stop Pay must be submitted on a NOVO31 before 10am on Tuesday 24 October. Please put STOP PAY as your subject line in the email so we can recognise it quickly and act on it.

Once the Stop Pay has been recalculated, the funds will then be released to the affected employee.

Cut-offs for Pay Period 15 remain the same as the usual fortnightly pay cycle - the cut-off for submitting instructions via forms is 5pm, Monday 16 October and the online cut-off in Novopay Online is 3pm, Wednesday 18 October.

No adjustments will be able to be made in Novopay Online after the 3pm cut-off.

Below is an amended pay cycle calendar to reflect the Public Holiday and change to the day that the Final SUE will be available