School's Leave Liability and Error Schedules

2 March 2016

Good afternoon,

As we advised in Friday's Novopay News (here), we are pleased to advise we have now sent your School's Leave Liability and Error Schedules to your school Principal via email.

The Report is password-protected with the Principal's MoE number (seven digits - if necessary,use zeroes at the beginning to make the password seven digits). If you have problems opening the file, please reply to the email with a password of your choosing and we will re-send it.

You require this information, along with your School Annual Accrual Report (SAAR), to complete your School Financial Statement.

There is more information available from the Ministry of Education's website (here). You will need to download and read the reconciliation instructions (here) and download and sign the SAAR Certification form (here).

Please be mindful of the addendum message to the SAAR information which is (here).