Updates to frequently used NOVO forms

11 August 2015

Good afternoon

As part of our efforts to improve our service to you, we have now released improved versions of some commonly used NOVO forms. Our aim is to make these forms easier to complete, save you time and reduce the chance of input errors.

Which forms have been updated?

Now available for download from the NOVO forms webpage are new versions of the NOVO2t, NOVO2nt, NOVO12r, NOVO16t and NOVO21.

What changes have we made?

The new version of the NOVO12r enables you to reverse and re-book leave using one form. For the other forms listed above, what you can do with the forms has not changed, but the way you need to complete the forms has.

For a summary of changes to all five of the forms, please see the Summary of Changes to NOVO2t, 2nt, 12r, 16t 21 pdf available for download here.

Please note that we have added a new reference document giving information on allowances without a preset value, or Agreed Rate Allowances, available for download here. We have also removed the instructions documents previously available for the NOVO12r and NOVO21, as notes and instructions are now included on each form.

To ensure you are using the latest version of any form, please always download the original from the Novopay website.

Kind regards

The Novopay Service Centre team