The 2014-2015 EoY/SoY Overview webinar and instructions available Monday 29 September 2014

26 September 2014

Good morning

This is a reminder that the 2014-2015 EoY/SoY Overview webinar and the 2014-2015 EoY/SoY instructions are available on Monday 29 September 2014 to begin your preparation for the EoY/SoY process.

The webinar is designed to give Novopay authorised users a broad overview of the upcoming 2014-2015 EoY/SoY payroll process. It outlines specific tasks that prepare you to complete EoY/SoY this year.

Sessions run through to 17 October 2014. To book your spot, visit the Training Services website.

The 2014-2015 EoY/SoY instructions have been improved since last year and include a checklist and a guide. The checklist will help you to complete your EoY/SoY preparation and processing activities, and the guide acts as a reference where more detailed explanations are required.

Both the webinar and the instructions will help prepare you to complete your EoY/SoY processing this year. We recommend you aim to begin your preparation as early as possible.

Kind regards

The Novopay Service Centre team