End of Year (EoY) screens now open

28 October 2014

Good morning

The EoY screens are now open.

To get started, download the End of Year instructions from Novopay Online (NOL), if you haven't already, and start making end of year changes for your employees. All EoY processing in NOL must be completed by 19 November 2014. Any forms you submit to the Novopay Service Centre as part of EoY processing are also due by this date.

Once you've completed your school's data in the EoY screens, but before clicking EoY Complete, remember to download a final copy of your End of Year report to ensure the final report displays all employees at your school.

For more information about EoY/SoY, please visit the How to section of this website.

The 2015 NOVO23nt annualisation form is now available

The 2015 version of the NOVO23nt annualisation form is also available today.

Please use this form to instruct the Novopay Service Centre to set up annualisation for term time only employees employed under the Support Staff Collective Agreement.

To ensure timely processing, please send annualisation instructions to the Novopay Service Centre as early as possible, ideally before Christmas, but definitely prior to PP23 (starting 21 January 2015).

Kind regards

The Novopay Service Centre team